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Scitek Australia – Company Overview

Scitek Australia Pty Ltd was originally founded as Balzers Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Balzers Lichtenstein.

Scitek Employee at desk

The name was changed to Scitek Australia in 2001 following a management buyout resulting from Balzers’ merger with Leybold and the subsequent separation of Pfeiffer Vacuum. Scitek continues to represent a number of divisions from the former Balzers organisation including Pfeiffer Vacuum.

Today Scitek Australia is a wholly Australian owned family business.

We provide high-end vacuum and vacuum-related solutions to the scientific and industrial community in Australia, New Zealand and the Islands of the South West Pacific.

All Scitek staff are experts in their field. Our team undergoes regular overseas training by our suppliers to ensure competence in the products and technologies we represent.

Through longstanding commitments and honest service to our customers we have built an enviable reputation for quality and reliability.


Company History

We are subsequently appointed exclusive distributor for the combined Pfeiffer and Adixen product range Our new and three times bigger facility most importantly allows a significant increase in service capacity. This completes our vacuum pump offering with the best brand of diaphragm pumps on the market. Vacuubrand products are used in physics, chemistry and life science applications.

Year Event
1989 Balzers Australia Pty Ltd established in Sydney as wholly owned subsidiary of Balzers AG Liechtenstein to service the Australian and New Zealand markets
1995 Balzers AG merged with Leybold GmbH and formed Balzers & Leybold
1996 Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH is established as an independent company and listed on New York and Euro Stock exchanges as a result of the 1995 merger of Balzers and Leybold
1998 Balzers Australia is given an opportunity to operate as an independent company
2000 Balzers Australia changes its name to Balzers Scitek Australia Pty Ltd.
2001 In continuation of the name change we are now called Scitek Australia Pty Ltd and are a wholly Australian owned company
2007 Scitek restructures the management board with new vision for the future
2010 Our main supplier Pfeiffer Vacuum AG purchases Adixen (Alcatel Vacuum) and forms the world’s second largest vacuum technology manufacturer
2011 Scitek is reinforced with new management and service expertise.
2011 Scitek enters partnerships with a number of world-leading suppliers such as Gamma Vacuum, Cambridge Nanotech, Semicore and MBraun
2011 Scitek relocates to Lane Cove.
2012 New vacuum related laboratory technologies are added to Scitek’s product portfolio including freeze drying and rotary evaporation.
2012 Scitek launches a refreshed corporate identity and invests into a high end ERP (enterprise resource management system) to further improve our service.
2012 Scitek joins the Science Industry Australia Association and, for the first time, exhibits at the National Lab Manager Conference.
2012 We open a sales office in Brisbane.
2013 Scitek opens sales offices in Melbourne and Perth.
2013 As the first Pfeiffer Vacuum distributor globally Scitek commissions a factory turbo pump vibration test system and implements free vibration tests of all Pfeiffer turbo pumps serviced.
2013 Scitek wins tenders for the supply of two Scanning Auger Nanoprobes – the first installations of such instruments in Australia in well over 20 years.
2014 Scitek is appointed as the exclusive Premium Distributor for Heidolph Instruments which significantly strengthens our market position in chemistry
2015 As the second distributor globally, Scitek achieves Service Centre qualification from Pfeiffer Vacuum which demonstrates our strong commitment to unmatched service competence.
2015 Scitek is appointed as Vacuubrand distributor.
2015 Scitek obtains ISO9001:2008 certification. With this certification you can be assured that Scitek maintains the highest standards in all aspects of our business.
2015 Scitek Australia launches online store
2016 Scitek opens their first purpose built interstate service facility in Melbourne to ensure class leading after sales service in Victoria

Scitek commences NIST traceable mass flow calibration services (October 2016)

2016 Scitek continues to expand. We move into a 40% larger Sydney facility – Scitek has Moved!