Vacuum Concentration

Genevac’s high performance centrifugal solvent evaporator systems are designed for use in chemistry, biology and analytical science applications and are used in many laboratories throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our product range includes solutions for personal evaporation through to industry leading high performance systems for production.


The EZ-2 series draws fully on the expertise of Genevac’s engineers and the experiences of many scientists in the laboratory. Using advanced evaporation science, it has been designed specifically for solvent removal in life science research, be that concentration, drying or lyophilisation of samples. Genevac’s long experience in vacuum engineering has resulted in the creation of a compact concentrator combining great performance, ease of use and compatibility with all commonly used solvents and acids. At the heart of the evaporator are a range of robust, solvent resistant, oil free vacuum pumps and the high efficiency, defrost-free SpeedTrap, which traps all solvents as liquids – even water. Automatic draining of the SpeedTrap enhances solvent recovery further, and makes fast lyophilisation of HPLC fractions possible with the EZ-2 Elite. Set the temperature, select the solvent type, and press Start. The EZ-2 does the rest for you, controlling the vacuum conditions, gradient and heater. Once the samples are dry, or the concentration end point is reached, the system can stop automatically.

Genevac’s patented Dri-Pure® sample protection system prevents cross- contamination and sample loss due to bumping and is fitted as standard on the EZ-2. Methods on the EZ-2 can be optimised in collaboration with Scitek to help you achieve even better results.



The miVac is a range of centrifugal concentrators capable of removing water and organic solvents from a variety of sample formats including tubes, microplates and vials. miVac can also be used to freeze dry aqueous samples.

There are three concentrators, three pumps and a novel refrigerated trap in the miVac range. miVac concentrators feature built-in special methods for working with alcohols, water and water mixtures to improve performance and optimise concentration times. The miVac Pressure Controller helps to further optimise concentration and provides the user with full control of the concentration process. We offer two concentrator sizes, the larger Quattro and the smaller Duo. miVac systems are suitable for use with a wide range of solvents, from volatile organic types through to water and many medium boiling point solvents.


Rocket4DThe Rocket Evaporator is equipped with the advanced performance features that Genevac users expect, such as effective bumping and cross contamination protection, precise temperature regulation and very easy to use controls. A two stage cold trap is built into the Rocket Evaporator, providing very high levels of solvent recovery, even with volatile organic solvents. The cold trap auto-drains under the control of the evaporator to ensure that optimal solvent recovery is maintained, no matter what mix of solvents is being used. The Rocket Evaporator uses patented new technology facilitating steam as energy source for the concentration process allowing unmatched process times.


Rocket 4D is a fully automated system for drying or concentrating very large volumes with no user intervention and in complete confidence – no bumping, foaming or sample loss. Rocket 4D can process any volume from just a few litres to as many as 100 liters using the autofeed option.



Genevac HT series evaporators are the ideal solution for parallel evaporation bottlenecks in high throughput and production laboratories having high performance and high sample capacities.  The unique design of the multi-layer rotor ensures efficient use of valuable laboratory bench space as well as high performance and high throughput evaporation.  Evaporation times do not vary across the HT range, the same overall evaporation time is required to dry a full load of samples in an HT-4 as is required in an HT-8, HT-12 or even HT-24.  A wide range of sample holders accepting microtubes, flasks, MTP and deep well plates as well as custom solutions for integration with other laboratory automation systems are available to further optimise productivity.


Peace of mind comes as standard with patented temperature control and bumping prevention built in, systems can be customised with high performance options to ensure that users achieve the fastest safe evaporation possible.