Vacuum Drying

Vacuum Drying Ovens dry product gently and without oxidation yet much faster than conventional drying at atmospheric conditions. The vapour pressure of contained solvents is reduced through application of vacuum enabling the drying process at much lower hence gentler temperatures.

Our SalvisLab Vacucenter is suitable for a wide range of applications  including

  • drying and baking of high vacuum components
  • life science
  • chemical engineering
  • pharmaceuticals
  • foodstuffs
  • cosmetics
  • electronics
  • industrial

The wall heating system can be controlled within 0.1°C and ensures stable temperature conditions over the entire Vacucenter chamber ranging up to +200°C.

In a series of simple steps the exclusive SalvisLab EasyMenu leads the user through application and programming of the Vacucenter.The PID controller features fuzzy logic characteristics, controls temperature, timing and optional vacuum level. Fifty programs consisting of 15 program steps each are at your disposal for a program durations of up to 999 hours.