Scitek - providing equipment manufactured by adixen

Vacuum Technology
• Best-in-class Leak Detection
• Dry Backing Pumps
• Magnetic Bearing Turbomolecular Pumps
• Thin Film Process Pumps

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Power Supplies
• DC Magnetron Sputtering
• Next-Generation RF
• Mission-Critical High Voltage Continue reading

Scitek - Alicat manufacturer

Mass Flow Control
• Control Chemical Reactions
• Fuel Cell Testing
• Pressure Control
• Bioreactor Supervision

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Scitek - Anest Iwata manufacturer

Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps
• Up to 60m3 pumping speed
• 16,000h recommended service
• Fully serviceable locally

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Thin Film Deposition
• Ebeam Evaporation
• Roll to Roll Physical Vapour Deposition
• Low Pressure Chemical Vapour Depositon Continue reading


Glassware Manufacturing
• Chemical Reactors
• Short Path Distillations
• Thin Film Evaporators
• Concentration
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Cambridge Nanotech Logo

Atomic Layer Deposition
• Solar
• Nanostructures
• Optical
• Biomedical

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Comvat Logo

High Performance Bellows
• High performance vacuum bellows
• Tested for 1,000,000 compressions
• Inside – out versions
• Custom versions welcome

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Wafer Processing
• Spin Coaters and Bake Plates
• Wafer Bonding
• Wafer Debonding
• Develop/Clean Continue reading

Denton Vacuum Logo - Enabling Innovation

Microscopy Preparation
• Thermal
• Sputter
• Carbon
• Glow Discharge Continue reading

Diener Electronic Logo

Plasma Solutions
• Surface Cleaning
• Etching
• Coating
• Polymerisation

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Thin Film Deposition
• Etching

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Thermal processing Solutions & Diffusion Furnaces
• Compact Thermal Reactors
• Vertical Thermal Reactors
• Horizontal Thermal Reactors

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Gamma Vacuum Logo

Ion Pumps
• High Energy Physics
• Accelerators
• High Accuracy Instruments

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Electron Microscopy
• TEM & STEM Products
• SEM Products
• Life Sciences
• Material Science
• Natural Resources
• Electronics Continue reading

GSI-Tom-schwarz copy

Rotary Evaporation
• Large Volume Batch Systems
• Explosion Protected Rotary Evaporators
• Customised Solutions

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Heidolph 2015 Logo

Solutions for Chemistry
• Rotary Evaporation
• Magnetic Stirring
• Overhead Stirring
• Peristaltic Pumps

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HSR Logo Small

Oil Diffusion and Cryo Pump Technology
• Patented low vibration cryopumps
• Thin film deposition cryo pumps
• General purpose oil diffusion pumps

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Huber Logo

Diffraction Equipment
• Beamlines
• X-Ray
• Lasers

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Temperature Control
• Immersion Heaters
• Water Baths
• Recirculating Chillers
• Dynamic Temperature Control for Reactions

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Plasma Measurement
• Substrate Ion Interactions
• Substrate Mass Species
• Bulk Plasma Parameters
• Power Delivery Plasma Measurement
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IPI Logo neu ZW

High Performance Mass Spectrometry
• Online Process Analysis
• Process Development
• Special Applications

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Vacuum Web Coating
• R2R Series
• Vacuum Coating Systems
• Fabrication
• Integration Continue reading


Industrial Leak Detection
• High Throughput Helium Leak Detection
• Sniffer Solutions
• Helium Recovery Systems

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X-ray Microanalysis.
• Micro-XFR
• Mobile-XFR
• XFR for SEM Continue reading

Homogenizers for Pharma
• Mixers and Blenders
• Mills and Stirrers
• Scalable Reactors Continue reading


Gloveboxes and Solvent Purification
• Inert Gas Gloveboxes
• Solvent Purification
• Personal Solvent Purification

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Industrial Furnaces
• Thermal Process Technology
• Laboratory
• Advanced Materials Continue reading


Nanotechnology Systems
• Cryogenics
• Spectroscopy
• Superconducting Magnets
• Thin Film Deposition
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Park Systems AFM Logo - Nanoscale Microscopy & Meterology

Nanoscale Microscopy & Metrology
• Biological Science
• Material Science
• Failure Analysis
• Semiconductor Analysis
• Hard Disc Media Analysis Continue reading

Pfeiffer Vacuum Logo

World Leading Vacuum Technology
• Turbomolecular Pumps
• Mass Spectrometry
• Pressure Measurement
• Production Vacuuum

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Physical Electronics Logo

Surface Analysis
• AUGER Electron Spectroscopy
• X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

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Holders & Sample Supports
• In Situ TEM Holders
• In Situ Sample Supports
• Clarity Software Continue reading

Innovative Chemistry Equipment & Tools
• Benchtop and Hotplate Tools
• Parallel Reaction Stations
• Jacketed Lab Reactors

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Raith Logo

• Electron Beam Lithography
• (Focused) Ion Beam Lithography
• SEM, FIB-SEM upgrades
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RBD Instruments Logo

Surface Analysis
• Ion Sources
• Current Measurement

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Salvis logo small

Vacuum Drying
• Vacuum Service
• Life Science
• Chemistry

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Surface Science
• Electron Spectroscopy
• Scanning probe microscopy
• Thin film deposition
• Tailored systems and instrument solutions Continue reading

Senceng Logo

E-beam Pioneer
• X-Ray
• Semiconductor Packaging System Continue reading

Sentech Logo

• Plasma Etching
• Atomic Layer Deposition
• Thin Film Measurement Continue reading

Thermal Analysis
• Calorimetry
• Thermal Analysis Continue reading

PennTech SP Scientific

Aseptic Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment
• Vial Washers
• Sterilization Tunnels
• Aseptic Fillers
• Capping Machines
• Aseptic Fillers Continue reading

SP Scientific

Freeze Drying & Vacuum Concentration
• Virtis laboratory and pilot freeze dryers
• Virtis and Hull production equipment
• Genevac vacuum concentration

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Cryo Technology
• Cryo Vacuum Pumps
• Cold Heads
• Closed Cycle Helium Compressors
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TSST Logo - Thin Film Deposition - Nanotechnology

Thin Film Deposition
• Thin Film Deposition Solutions
• Design of Thin Film Deposition equipment
• Manufacturing of Thin Film Deposition equipment

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UHV Fasteners and Seals
• Vented/ non- vented Screws
• O-Rings
• Special Materials and Finishes

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Short Path Distillation
• Short Path Distillations
• Thin Film Evaporators
• Turnkey Systems Continue reading

Umicore Logo

Thin Film Materials
• Thermal Evaporation
• Sputtering
• Organics

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The Vacuubrand Logo

Vacuum Technologies
• Vacuum Pumps
• Local Area Vacuum Networks
• State-of-the-art Vacuum Gauges & Controllers
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VAT Logo

Vacuum Valves
• Gate Valves
• Accelerator Valves
• Pressure Control

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