Heidolph Premium Service

Scitek Australia is proud to announce it has again successfully qualified as the exclusive Heidolph Premium Distributor for Australia and New Zealand. As a certified premium distributor, Scitek is committed to offering industry leading service, which includes:

  • Guaranteed response to any request within 24 hours
  • Free demo evaluation units for up to 14 days
  • Delivery time below 10 days for standard equipment
  • Warranty repair turn-around time within 4 days with free shipping both ways
  • Extensive locally available spare part levels
  • Loan instruments

Along with these services as a premium distributor of Heidolph products, we demonstrate our commitment and ability to support our customers by providing;

  • 3 year warranty on your purchase
  • Appropriate products on hand to fill most orders within 2 working days


Premium Distributor Certificate Scitek

For further information on our Heidolph Premium Distributor status and guarantees please email us at contact@scitek.com.au or on +61 2 9420 0477