New exclusive partnership with Expertech

Scitek is pleased to announce its exclusive partnership with Expertech.

Located in Scotts Valley California, Expertech provides custom new and remanufactured thermal processing solutions and diffusion furnaces for semiconductors, solar, MEMS and R&D.

Their product range includes
VTR – Vertical Thermal Reactors – Completely automated wafer handling systems from cassette to process carrier.
HTR – Horizontal Thermal Reactors – Designed for volume production
CTR – Compact Thermal Reactors – Ideal for university labs, small production and pilot lines.

These product ranges have a proven track record in supporting standard process applications for the Semiconductor, MEMS and Solar markets.

LPCSV Processes

– Stochiometric Nitride (Si3N4)
– Anti-reflection coatings (ARC)
– Low Stress Nitride (Si Rich Nitride) < 250 MPa
– Ultra-low Stress Silicon Nitride < 100 MPa
– Undoped Polysilicon or α-Silicon
– Phosphorous Doped Polysilicon or α-Silicon
– Boron Doped Polysilicon or α-Silicon
– Undoped Poly-SiGe
– Phosphorous or Boron Doped Poly-SiGe
– Undoped Low Temperature Oxide (LTO)
– Phosphorous Doped Glass (PSG)
– Boron and Phosphorous Doped Glass (BPSG)
– Undoped deposited oxide by TEOS
– Phosphorous Doped TEOS Oxide (PSG)
– Boron and Phosphorous Doped TEOS (BPSG)

Atmospheric Pressure Processes
– Wet or Dry Oxidation/Densification
– Dry/wet/dry Gate Oxide Cycles
– Inert Gas Anneals/Densification (N2, Ar, He)
– Contact Sintering / Alloy (N2, Forming Gas)
– Reducing Atmosphere Anneals (Forming Gas)
– Phosphine + O2 phosphorus doping
– Phosphine gas phase doping
– POCl3 + O2 – liquid source phosphorus doping
– BBr3 + O2 – liquid source boron doping
– Solid Source Phosphorous Doping
– Solid Source Boron Doping
– Drive-in / Redistribution