New exclusive Partnership – Setaram – Calorimetry & Thermal Analysis Instrumentation

Scitek would like to announce that as of April 2019, we have been appointed as exclusive distribution partner for Setaram.

Setaram is the leading innovator of solutions for, calorimetry, thermal analysis and gas sorption for the material science community. 

With a unique level of precision, Setaram instruments often are used to examine materials under cutting edge experimental conditions. Setaram provides products to globally leading research teams in countless applications such as food, polymers, ceramics, carbon sequestration, energy storage and battery research. Their products are used on the international space station. 

In the words of their General Manager, Sylvain Calzaroni;

"Only through innovcation and providing market-leading technologies can we truly live up to our objective - to inspire the imagination of material science"

Scitek offers a number of complementary technologies alongside Setaram tools including mass spectrometry for in-situ gas analysis. 

For more information about Setarams product range, contact us on or phone us on 1800 023 467. 

Product Range

  • Calorimetry
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Gas Sorption

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