New Partnership – Radleys – Chemistry Technologies

Scitek would like to announce that as of November 20th we have been appointed a distribution partner with Radleys.

With over 50 years’ experience within the scientific glassware and laboratory instrumentation space, Radleys customers include blue-chips industrial and academic research facilities around the world.

Focusing on equipment for chemical synthesis, process development, work-up and evaporation, they pride themselves on innovative chemistry equipment. Aiming for safer, cleaner, freezer and more productive chemical research.

Product Range

  • Benchtop and Hotplate tools – LINK
  • Parallel Reaction Stations – LINK
  • Jacketed Lab Reactors – LINK
  • Mya4 Reaction Station – LINK
  • AVA Control Software – LINK

For more information about Radleys product range contact us on or phone us on 1800 023 467.

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