Press Releases

  • New Supplier Protochips – Advanced TEM Holders

    Scitek would like to announce that as of February 2019, we have been appointed a distribution partner with Protochips. Protochips’ empowers scientistics, engineers, and researchers to discover and analyze new phenomenon by visualizing biological, chemical and physical processes in completely … Continue reading

  • New Partnership – Radleys – Chemistry Technologies

    Scitek would like to announce that as of November 20th we have been appointed a distribution partner with Radleys. With over 50 years’ experience within the scientific glassware and laboratory instrumentation space, Radleys customers include blue-chips industrial and academic research … Continue reading

  • New Supplier Nabertherm – Furnace Technology

    Scitek would like to announce that as of July 2018 we have been appointed a distribution partner with Nabertherm. With 500 employees worldwide, they have been developing and producing industrial furnaces for a multitude of applications for 70 years. As … Continue reading

  • Partnership Update – Scitek now Vacuubrand Qualified Partner

    Scitek would like to announce that as of July 2018 we have been appointed a Qualified Partner for VACUUBRAND Gmbh. As a qualified partner under VACUUBRAND, Scitek offers the highest quality servicing and instrumentation to all customers, new and old. … Continue reading

  • New Supplier CEE – Wafer Processing Equipment

    Scitek is pleased to announce a new supplier for wafer processing equipment. Originally a division of Brewer Science Inc., the Cee® business was separated and sold in May 2017 and is owned and staffed by former employees of Brewer Science. … Continue reading

  • New Supplier WiTec – NanoAnalytical Microscope Systems

    Scitek is pleased to announce a new supplier for nano-analytical microscope systems WiTec. Founded in 1997, WiTec has established itself as a market leader in the field of nano-analytical microscope systems. Specialising in Raman, AFM and SNOM technologies, they aim … Continue reading

  • New Atomic Force Microscopy Vendor – Park Systems

    Scitek is pleased to announce a new supplier for Atomic Force Microscopy equipment and supplies, Park Systems Park Systems strives to be the most innovative company in the AFM space. They have honored that commitment by providing the most accurate … Continue reading

  • New Partnership with Gatan – Solutions for Electron Microscopy

    Scitek is excited to announce our exclusive distribution partnership with Gatan, a leading provider of electron microscopy solutions. With over 50 years experience in pushing the boundaries of what can be done with electron microscopy, Gatan has invented new approaches to … Continue reading

  • New exclusive partnership with TSST, a leading manufacturer of Pulsed Laser Deposition

    Scitek is pleased to announce its new exclusive partnership with TSST, a leading manufacturer of Pulsed Laser Deposition Systems. TSST (Twente Solid State Technology) was founded in 1998 as a spin-off company from the University of Twente. They are specialised in the … Continue reading

  • SP Scientific announce new freeze dryer for robust and cost-effective cycle development

    SP Scientific announces the LyoCapsule™ Freeze Dryer – an exciting new lyophilization instrument that delivers results comparable to larger R&D freeze dryers enabling a Quality by Design (QbD) approach to cycle development even when materials are highly expensive or limited … Continue reading

  • New exclusive Partner iXRF for XRF and EDS Analysis

    Scitek is pleased to announce its newest exclusive supplier iXRF Systems for XRF and EDS Analysis equipment. Since its incorporation over two decades ago, IXRF Systems has proved itself as a leader in x-ray microanalysis. IXRF uses innovative design and … Continue reading

  • New exclusive partnership with Expertech

    Scitek is pleased to announce its exclusive partnership with Expertech. Located in Scotts Valley California, Expertech provides custom new and remanufactured thermal processing solutions and diffusion furnaces for semiconductors, solar, MEMS and R&D. Their product range includes VTR – Vertical … Continue reading

  • Service Office in Melbourne

    It is with great pleasure we inform you today, that Scitek has opened a brand-new custom built, ISO 9001 certified service facility in Heatherton Melbourne. Scitek employs two experienced engineers in the new state-of-the-art facility. Capable of facilitating the service … Continue reading

  • Heidolph Premium Service

    Scitek Australia is proud to announce it has again successfully qualified as the exclusive Heidolph Premium Distributor for Australia and New Zealand. As a certified premium distributor, Scitek is committed to offering industry leading service, which includes: Guaranteed response to … Continue reading

  • HiPace 30 – the smallest performance turbo globally

    Pfeiffer Vacuum has introduced the compact and powerful HiPace 30 turbopump. It is currently the smallest turbopump on the market in this size class offering pumping speeds of 32 liters per second. Its small installation footprint and low level of vibration make … Continue reading

  • New Genevac HT Series High Performance Concentrator

    The all new Series 3 HT evaporator range from Genevac represents the ultimate in parallel solvent removal technology for many samples. Incorporating a new high performance vacuum pump, the latest touchscreen technology and a sleek ergonomic design, ensures unmatched evaporation … Continue reading

  • 3K Cryofree Cryostat – OptiStatDry

    The Optistat Dry BL4 is the first product in an exciting range of small Cryofree Optical Spectroscopy cryostats from Oxford Instruments. It is designed to be Versatile Upgradeable Optically excellent Simple to use The OptistatDry suits a wide range of … Continue reading

  • Vacuum Survey

    Scitek has been in business for 25 years. This achievement would not be possible without the loyalty of our customers. We want to learn about your needs and how we can ensure ongoing class-leading quality of service that fully meets … Continue reading

  • Scitek is celebrating 25 years of service!

    In order to fulfil the needs of the Australian and New Zealand customers, Scitek previously called Balzers Australia was established in 1989 as a subsidiary of Balzers AG Liechtenstein.  In the years that followed Scitek’s start , it was given the … Continue reading

  • Heidolph Evaporation App

    Heidolph has just launched their first free smartphone app which features an easy to use periodic table a molecular mass calculator a boiling point calculator GHS hazard symbols a GHS hazard list a multi timer as well as the ability … Continue reading

  • New Non-Evaporative Getter (NEG) Pumps

    Scitek is pleased to announce a range of new Non Evaporative Getter (NEG) pumps from Gamma Vacuum. Finally a serious second player has emerged for a technology, which was basically dominated by one company till date.   NEG pumps use … Continue reading

  • New Benchtop High Performance Freeze Dryer Advantage Pro

    Scitek is pleased to announce the launch of the new Advantage Pro benchtop high performance freeze dryer. Freeze Drying consists of three main process steps being the freezing step, a main drying step and a final drying step. All three … Continue reading

  • Scitek to supply two PHI Scanning Auger Nanoprobes

    Congratulations to Prof. Paul Pigram at La Trobe University and Assoc. Prof. Jamie Quinton at Flinders University to their recent purchase of a PHI 710 Scanning Auger Nanoprobe. Following installation in 2014 these instruments will offer Australian scientists unique insights into identification … Continue reading

  • ASM 340 Helium Leak Detector

    The new ASM 340 is a high-performance ultra robust leak detector for a wide range of applications in research and industry. As the direct successor of the hugely successful flagship leak detector ASM 142, the new ASM 340 offers a … Continue reading

  • Introduction to Confocal Magnetron Sputtering

    Confocal sputtering is the technique of arranging magnetrons within a vacuum chamber in such a way that multiple materials can be applied onto the substrate without breaking vacuum. Confocal sputtering also allows the user to co-sputter, or to create a … Continue reading

  • True Benchtop Sputtering System

    We are exited to announce Semicore’s latest thin film deposition tool which is based on popular demand from many Scitek customers. Semicore have designed the first true high end advanced benchtop sputtering system on the market. The new SC 250 and … Continue reading

  • Complete Standalone Glovebox Systems

    Scitek is proud to announce LC Technology Solutions as their new supplier of gloveboxes and solvent purification systems. The new range includes the LC-100/ 200 Series of Standalone Systems. These complete and full sized gloveboxes can achieve and maintain a … Continue reading

  • CUB – Personal PID Safety Monitor

    Scitek introduce Cub, the smallest, lightest and most sensitive personal PID monitor for fast yet accurate detection of volatile organic and total aromatic compounds, keeping workers safe within their work environment. With market leading parts-per-billion (ppb) sensitivity, Cub gives an … Continue reading

  • Budget Plasma System from Diener – Yocto

    Plasma treatment is an extremely effective way to clean or activate surfaces before gluing, printing, bonding or coating e.g. in physical or chemical vapour deposition. Common materials which are plasma treated include metals, plastics and glass. Plasma can eliminate organic and … Continue reading

  • MiniTest 300 – Unique Helium Leak Detection

    The MiniTest is the first helium vacuum leak detector based on Quartz Window Sensor technology. Unlike our conventional mass spectrometer based leak detectors MiniTest is measuring helium partial pressure through the use of a unique quartz window membrane which is … Continue reading

  • New Pfeiffer High Pressure Vacuum Process Monitors

    Measurements at up to 50 mbar High measurement speed, stability and resolution Simple system integration Intuitive user interface Pfeiffer Vacuum and Scitk are pleased to announce two new gas analysis systems, the Sputter Process Monitor SPM 220 and the High … Continue reading

  • Efficient Vacuum Drying and Vacuum Baking

    SalvisLab Vacucenter is a new generation of vacuum drying ovens for gentle yet fast drying of oxidation-sensitive or thermally instable products. Applications include drying of biological samples, soil samples, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food samples. Vacuum drying ovens can also be … Continue reading

  • Permanent Hydrophilic Surfaces using Plasma-Polymerization

    It is well known that the hydrophilicity of surfaces can be increased using plasma technology. Unfortunately, until now the durability of these treatments has been very limited. However, by using optimized process parameters it has now become possible to guarantee … Continue reading

  • Adixen magnetic turbopumps assist deep glimpses into the universe – reliably

    ESO (European Organization for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere) operates some of the world’s most advanced ground-based astronomical observatories. ESO utilises Adixen magnetic turbo pumps ATH 400M to operate their infrared instruments. Since commissioning more than ten years ago the … Continue reading

  • Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces a new app for vacuum users

    Comprehensive Pfeiffer Vacuum Product Catalogue with product selector Unit converter for all common pressure units Vacuum Compendium, the electronic handbook for the vacuum practice “eVacuum” is Pfeiffer Vacuum’s first app. With this new development the supplier of vacuum solutions provides … Continue reading

  • HiCube Pro – The reliable turbo pumping station, now with a dry ACP backing pump

    Pfeiffer Vacuum Turbo Pumping Unit with popular Adixen ACP dry backing pump Significant operation cost savings versus other technologies Unmatched service interval The well established HiCube Pro Turbo Pumping Station is now available with a dry ACP 15 multi-stage roots … Continue reading

  • OnTool Booster

    The high-vacuum pump that works against atmosphere! Eliminating the need of a backing pump The OnTool Booster from Pfeiffer Vacuum is a high-vacuum pump that works against atmosphere. In the past, a combination of high-vacuum pump and backing pump was … Continue reading