Glove Boxes

Bench Top LCBT-1

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LCBT-1 Bench Top Glovebox A glovebox that is specifically designed for a laboratory bench, it can easily fit on any standard bench. Available as a purge system with or without an antechamber. The LCBT-1 is highly maintainable, compact and light weight. … Continue reading

Containment System LCIS-1

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LCIS-1 Glovebox Containment Systems This product includes glovebox enclosure, gloves or iris ports, pressure monitor with alarms, HEPA filtered exhaust and negative pressure transfer chamber. These systems are typically custom designed for the following applications; Harzardous powder handling Operator safety … Continue reading

Stand Alone / Laminar Flow LC-1

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LC-1 Glovebox System This is a stand alone system, when it is combined with our new low profile laminar flow filtration system it is capable of achieving and maintaining < 1ppm H2O and O2 environment (Clean room class 1). The … Continue reading

Moisture Control LCMC-1

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LCMC – 1 Moisture Control Glovebox These benches are designed to decrease relative moisture when dealing with moisture sensitive weighting or dealing with other compounds that are moisture reactive. Our system is made of stainless steel, with rounded access doors … Continue reading

Personal Workstations LCPW-1

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LCPW – 1 Personal Workstation – Glovebox This series of products were designed for users with limited space. The glovebox itself is integrated with a PLC controlled gas purification system. Even though this unit is highly compact and cost effective, … Continue reading

Integrated Evaporator LC-EVAP-1

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LC-EVAP Glovebox The LC-EVAP Glovebox and Gas Purification systems includes thermal evaporation system, “T” antebchamber, spin coater and H2O and O2 analyser. Each complete system comes with integrated evaporation systems and spin coaters for material deposition on substrates under inert … Continue reading