Wafer Processing

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Wafer Processing
• Spin Coaters
• Bake Plates
• Debonders
• Developers
• Bonders

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Electron Microscopy

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SNE – 4500 M Plus – High resolution Table-top SEM (x150K) Performance 5nm Resolution 150,000xMagnification SE and BSE Imaging Multi Imaging Detectors Cost-effective Table-top SEM with Max. 10,000x of magnification by Miniaturizing modules. Capable of scanning images with high resolution of 5nm by … Continue reading

Roll 2 Roll Coating

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ROLL TO ROLL VACUUM WEB COATING SYSTEMS: R&D AND PILOT PRODUCTION The Intellivation R2R web coating systems feature four configurable process zones, a temperature controlled coating drum and a state of the art control system. Designed for flexible substrates including metal … Continue reading


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Spectroscopic Ellipsometry SENresearch: Spectroscopic ellipsometer family The high end SENresearch is designed for spectroscopic ellipsometry in the widest spectral range from 190 nm (deep UV) to 3,500 nm (NIR). Using the Step Scan Analyzer principle, the SENresearch measures thin film … Continue reading

Reactive Ion Etching

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ICP-RIE Plasma Etcher SI 500 Low damage for nano structuring – Due to the low ion energy distribution, low damage etching and nano structuring can be performed with our icp plasma etching tools. Simple high rate etching – High rate … Continue reading

Superconducting Magnets

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Superconducting Magnets Oxford NanoScience  Our supplier Oxford Nanoscience has been a pioneer in superconducting magnet systems for over fifty years, with an unrivalled track record relating to innovative design, manufacturing and support of standard. Cryofree® Magnet Systems A range of … Continue reading

Cryogenic Systems

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Cryogenic Systems Nanoscience Oxford Instruments NanoScience designs, supplies and supports market-leading research tools that enable quantum technologies, new materials and device development in the physical sciences. Our tools support research down to the atomic scale through creation of high performance, … Continue reading

Thin Film Deposition

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Scitek provides a wide range of Thin Film Deposition products used to built or optimize product design across a wide array of applications. Applications range from an increased production rate of silicon chips to increased adhesion strength and reproducibility, making it … Continue reading

Plasma Systems

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Plasma Systems At Scitek we provide a range of plasma systems for our customers laboratory needs, we offer products from both Diener electronics and Evatec who are trusted brands within the industry. Our products are capable of producing plasma at … Continue reading

Surface Analysis Systems

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Surface Analysis Systems Why is surface analysis important ?  The composition of the outer most atomic layers of a material play a critical role in properties such as: adhesion, chemical activity, wetability, electrostatic behaviour, corrosion resistance and bio-compatibility. The ability … Continue reading