Focused Ion Beam Nanofabrication


Focused Ion Beam Nanofabrication

FIB complements the overall nanofabrication process by providing various direct patterning or masking techniques. Direct milling, deposition, or etching helps to simplify the nanofabrication process and minimize process development efforts. resistless hard masking, ion implantation, and surface functionalization can be used for selectively modifying a material or directing a subsequent processing step, beside standard resist lithography.

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The ionLINE breaks new grounds for your nanofabrication challenges by realizing the synergy of a focused ion beam and a mature lithography architecture. It combines various direct FIB processing techniques with unrivaled stability, automation, reproducibility, and high resolution of a lithography instrument.

The technique can make nanofabrication more efficient by employing direct patterning or hard masking and introduce new processes based on maskless ion implantation or surface functionalization. It has been developed in response to the rapidly growing interest in ion beam based nanofabrication in various areas of research and development. The unique nanoFIB two ion column delivers high resolution, excellent placement accuracy, long-term stability and record low beam tails.

  • Sub-10 nm FIB nanofabrication with lithography-class stability and accuracy over extended areas and period of time.
  • Excellent beam spot characteristics and multiple ion species beyond gallium
  • Direct patterning for simplified processing and faster time to results based on versatile FIB techniques
  • Extended capabilities by nanoengineering options like gas injection systems and nanomanipulators.
  • Advanced FIB nanofabrication in combination with the laser interferometer stage for highest precision and true field stitching or continuous patterning.

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