Plasma Systems

Omicron installation at Waterloo Australia

Plasma Systems

At Scitek we provide a range of plasma systems for our customers laboratory needs, we offer products from both Diener electronics and Evatec who are trusted brands within the industry. Our products are capable of producing plasma at low pressures, offering may versatile possibilities for surface modifications. The utilization of a low pressure system allows for better adhesion between materials or a change in surface properties. This allows for three different low pressure plasma effects.

Microsandblasting: The surface is cleared away by ion bombardment
Chemical Reaction: The ionized gas reacts chemically with the surface
UV-Radiation: The UV-Radiation breaks open chains of carbon compounds

Variation in parameters such as pressure, power output, process time and gas flow allow for a change in impact caused by the plasma.

Our products can be used for the following applications

Plasma red, plasma vacuum chamber with red plasma

  • Small scale production
  • Analysis (SEM, TEM)
  • Medical technology
  • Sterilisation
  • Research and development
  • Archaeology
  • Textile treatment
  • Semiconductor technology
  • Plastic technology
  • Elastomer technology
  • Precision mechanics


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