Roll 2 Roll Coating


The Intellivation R2R web coating systems feature four configurable process zones, a temperature controlled coating drum and a state of the art control system.

Designed for flexible substrates including metal foils, polymer webs and even textiles with widths up to 500mm.  The powerful yet intuitive control system includes data logging and recipe based processing.  A suite of optional in-situ metrology techniques provide for quality films and rapid development cycles.

roll to roll equipment
Standard Features R2R-50 R2R-150 R2R-330 R2R-500
Coated width 50 mm 150 mm 330 mm 500 mm
Maximum web width 75 mm 250 mm 375 mm 600 mm
Configurable process zones 4 4 4 5
Optional Features R2R-50 R2R-150 R2R-330 R2R-500
Single rotary magnetron No Yes Yes Yes
Dual rotary magnetron No Yes Yes Yes

Standard Features

• Four highly configurable process zones
• 12-375micron [1-15 mil] web thickness
• Line speed 0.1-10 m/min [0.33-33 ft/min] • Closed loop tension control utilizing load cells
• No roller contact on coated surface of the web

• Fully reversing drive system allows multi-pass coating
• Water cooled coating drum
• Sputter magnetron with DC power supply
• PC based HMI and touch screen monitor

• Recipe based processing and data logging
• Auto pump and auto vent
• View ports in winding zone and each process zone
• Dedicated roughing and foreline pumps

Optional Features

Plasma treatment ion source
• Mask/interleave takeoff on the coating drum
• Three tension zone web path
• Extended drum temperature: -20C to +250C
• RF power supply
• Pulsed DC power supply
• Meissner coil for water vapor pumping
• Dry vacuum pumps
• Evaporation
• Certification


available options include:

• X-ray fluorescence
• Optical spectroscopy
• Residual gas analyzer, 0-100AMU
• Electrical conductivity
• Deposition rate monitoring
• Optical density monitoring