Solvent Evaporation Systems


Solvent Evaporation Systems

Genevac’s high performance solvent evaporation systems were originally designed for use in pharmaceutical research and have cut their teeth working with some very aggressive solvents, such as TFA, DMSO and HCl. Genevac’s parallel evaporation systems find application in many laboratories today, from DNA analysis and natural products extraction, to forensics and geochemistry.

The “Third Generation” EZ-2 Series of personal evaporators is our best seller. It is designed specifically for solvent removal in life science research and analytical applications, be that concentration of samples or complete drying.

HT Evaporation Systems

HT Series 3 (HT-6 & HT-12 evaporators)

  • Ergonomic design – The series three touch screen controls with help functions along with a light touch door and spacious interior combine for ease of operation that can be tailored to suit the user. With this design comes a “reduce odour ” function, preventing any offensive or unhealthy exposure to solvent vapour when opening the door.
  • Integrated Condenser – The new integrated VC7000 condenser chills to -75C having an auto defrost and draining capabilities as standard. This allows for a smaller overall footprint – saving fume hood space.
  • SampleGuard – Comprising up to four thermocouples and a Bluetooth transmitter, the patented SampleGuard temperature control system provides real time feedback for accurate control of actual sample temperatures.
  • DriPure – The patented DriPure system prevents cross-contamination and sample loss due to bumping and comes as a standard in all Series 3 evaporators.

Genevac HT

Rocket Concentrator System

  • Can create two vacuum environments
    • A low vacuum causes the solvent in the sample to boil at a lower temperature < 0C
    • A second vacuum environment boils deionized water to make low temperature, low pressure steam
  • Press and go – automated from start to finish
  • Error free – eliminates bumping and foaming
  • Light work – effortless emptying of vessel using pouring stand
  • Powerful cold trap involving solvent recovery and drying of samples
  • Quick clean – comparable to large glass evaporator flasks


Rocket 4D Synergy

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