Scitek and SP Scientific commission two production freeze dryers

SP Scientific and Scitek are proud to announce the successful commissioning of two production scale freeze dryers at MSD Animal Health (Bendigo) and Proliant (Palmerston North) at a combined value of well over $3m. Congratulations to both happy customers for their purchase!

FD image

The units installed are

  • a steam-in-place system with 12 m2 shelf area / 175 kg capacity as well as
  • a huge 70 m2 shelf area / 1,100 kg capacity system with clean-in-place

Both systems are fully GAMP compliant.

SP Scientific manufactures the widest range of freeze dryers on the market, ranging from small 3 kg capacity personal laboratory systems to very large production systems. A particular area of excellence is their range of pilot and process development freeze dryers, which includes the unique Lyostar 3 – the worlds’ most powerful development freeze dryer.

Unique SP Scientific technologies include

  • SMART freeze drying software for virtually fully automated cycle development, as well as,
  • controlled ice nucleation using the patented Praxair de-pressurisation method. Our controlled ice nucleation technology is widely used and validated in the global pharmaceutical industry. Contact us if you would like to upgrade your system to controlled ice nucleation!

Our team has extensive experience with freeze drying and related technologies. We offer competent project management and after sales support. In combination with our partner SP Scientific we offer our customers access to a unique network of scientific and application experts.