Semiconductor Vacuum

Our semiconductor vacuum solutions include technologies used in traditional semiconductor manufacturing processes as well as photovoltaic, flat panel, LED and OLED production.

Our partner, Adixen, has more than 50 years of experience with manufacturing dry pumps for semiconductor processes including Load Lock, Transfer, Sputtering, PVD, Etching, Implanting, Stripping and CVD.

Key requirements for these applications, besides high reliability, are fast pump down and extreme robustness.

Our ADS/ADP Series dry pump range is the pump of choice. With pumping capacity up to 5,100 m3/h these dry pumps cater for every case. Model variations are available  for light process duty e.g. on load locks via medium processes to even the harshest of CVD processes.

As a key player of the semiconductor vacuum industry, Adixen has developed the A100 Series jointly with Applied Materials in 1999. A100 is today the leading integrated pump in the market and is present in every 300mm plant in the world.

The benefits of the concept have since been recognized:

  • faster throughput in a smaller footprint
  • user friendly (low noise and low vibration)
  • high reliability

Energy saving has become a real challenge in today’s semiconductor fab. Adixen has developed a dedicated low power consumption dry pump range which provides 3 pump models up to 1000 m3/h and features up to 50% power saving compared to conventional pumping solutions within a very compact package.

Adixen Maglev wide range turbo pumps are designed either for harsh process, high pressure or high throughput pumping needed for dedicated semiconductor applications.

Pfeiffer’s OnToolBooster is a unique pump perfect for load lock and non corrosive applications where quick pump down and good vacuum are paramount. Combine extremely high pumping speed of 130 m3/h and ultimate vacuum of < 1 x 10-5 mbar.

A valid alternative to mechanical high vacuum pumps are cryo pumps from our partner HSR in Switzerland. HSR offer a range of patented cryo pumps which are specifically designed to cope with the challenges posed by sputtering applications. HSR Velco Sputter pumps do not suffer from memory effects unlike all other brands on the market.

Velco 250-4

Velco Sputter pumps are available from 7,500 l/s up to 18,500 l/s pumping speed.