Superconducting Magnets

Leading the field in superconducting magnet systems for over 50 years, the Magnet Systems Group of Oxford Instruments has an unrivalled track record in the supply of standard and most challenging custom magnets across the world.

The product range now includes:

  • solenoid superconducting magnets up to 22 T
  • split pair superconducting magnets, typically up to 15 T
  • vector rotate magnets
  • highly challenging custom designed superconducting magnets to suit specific applications

To enable these magnet systems we use a full range of cryogenic cooling technologies, working with you to select the most appropriate to your experiments:

  • Cryogen-free
  • Recondensing systems
  • Liquid helium cooled (“wet magnets”)

Superconduction Magnet Innovation


Ever since Oxford Instruments’ first commercial superconducting magnet was built in 1962 by our founder and Honorary President, Sir Martin Wood, we have been innovation leaders and award winners with a global presence in major industrial and research sectors. Although we are proud of our history, we do not rest on it. By working closely with their magnet system customers, Oxford Instruments have continually developed their superconducting magnet technology from the first magnet made by Sir Martin Wood in 1962 to the present compact, cancelled-field 20 T magnet and beyond. Their innovation continues with the development of new cryogen-free superconducting magnet solutions, design tools for high temperature superconducting (HTS) applications and use of the latest Nb3Sn wires.

The majority of our superconducting magnets are customised and we are proud to have been involved in the most challenging projects.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.