Established in 1992, Expertech’s core competency is newly manufactured thermal processing systems with over 50 systems in the field that were designed and fully manufactured by Expertech. In addition, Expertech has an established reputation as a supplier of over 500 remanufactured and refurbished systems originally built by other suppliers. We provide field service, repair parts and upgrades for a wide range of thermal systems manufactured by Expertech and other OEM suppliers.

Originally Expertech mainly supported thermal process applications for the semiconductor industry. Since 1995, Expertech has been adapting systems and making custom designed products to meet needs of the MEMS, photovoltaics, sensors, and optical coatings industries.

Horizontal and Vertical Style Furnace Products

While design and manufacture of horizontal furnace systems have always been a major Expertech product line, the VTR is a key product in the vertical furnace marketplace. Originally developed by Silicon Valley Group, Inc. (SVG), the Vertical Thermal Reactor (VTR) has over 1500 systems shipped to a worldwide installed base. Since 1995 Expertech has provided rebuilt VTR systems, upgrades in the field, as well as parts and service support for VTR systems. More recently, in 2007, Expertech acquired the full rights to all engineering drawings as well as rights to manufacture, modify, and support the VTR product worldwide. From that point forward, we regard the VTR as an Expertech product.

Website : http://www.exper-tech.com