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SEC is an e-beam pioneer, developing and selling industrial X-ray inspection systems and SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope). They develop and offer linear accelerators and semiconductor packaging systems for LCD drivers and IC. Established in 1991, on the back of 20 years of accumulated technical know-how they have continuously developed e-beam inspection equipment in Korea with over 500 SEM installations globally.

SEC stands for ‘second’, a standard unit of time, which is embodied in their basic values, to meet customer satisfaction by delivering punctual responses for customer requests.

For the 21st century, they have built their vision, “Superior Service & Exciting Challenge!”. To pursue their challenge spirit as well as punctuality.

SEC strives to keep the principle of providing excellent products at a reasonable price, at the right time satisfying customers with the best service possible.

SEC offers two BenchTop SEM in the SNE 3200 and SNE 4500.

The lower cost SNE 3200 easily fulfills requirements of most users with its class leading technology. The SNE 4500 is by far the most powerful benchtop SEM on the market with performance similar to entry level full size systems.

SEC is using Pfeiffer Vacuum pumping technology so Scitek is uniquely place to support your investment.

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