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Founded in 1997, WITec has established itself as a market leader in the field of nano-analytical microscope systems (Raman, AFM, SNOM). As reflected in WITec’s maxim “Focus Innovations”, their success is based on constantly introducing new technologies and a commitment to maintaining customer satisfaction through high-quality, flexible and innovative products.

A dedicated international market approach with an established service and support experience in the various regions of the world is one of their key strengths, evidenced by their widespread network of WITec representatives as well as branch offices in the US (WITec Instruments Corp., Knoxville, TN), Singapore (WITec Pte. Ltd.), Japan (WITec K.K., Kawasaki-shi Kanagawa), Spain (WITec GmbH – Branch Office Barcelona) and China (WITec Beijing Representative Office ).

Core Competencies

What qualities characterize WITec? Collected below are the fundamental tenets that define WITec and influence their work every day:

  • WITec emerged from the academic world and maintains its research character today. This keeps them close to the state of the art and helps WITec understand their customers’ requirements.
  • One third of all WITec employees work in the R&D department, ensuring a steady current of innovation.
  • All WITec products are developed and produced at the WITec headquarters in Ulm, Germany, which enables the most stringent quality control and high quality standards.
  • Their extensive sales & support network has established WITec’s global presence.
    WITec has become renowned for performance and reliability, allowing their customers to focus on the scientific challenges of their work.
  • The modular WITec product line facilitates unparalleled flexibility, upgradeability, and customized solutions.


Modular Product Line

The WITec product portfolio includes imaging systems for Raman, AFM and SNOM analysis as single technique solutions as well as correlative imaging configurations.

All WITec microscopes are high-quality modular systems with exceptional optical throughput, unparalleled signal sensitivity and outstanding imaging capabilities.
Their various specifications range from advanced though budget-conscious microscopes to high-end instruments at the very cutting edge of available technology. The common thread throughout is that all systems are based on the same hardware architecture. Whenever required it is possible to simply upgrade any system, even the most basic, with additional features and equipment, allowing our customers to keep pace with future challenges.

Microscope product lines:

  • alpha300 series: advanced imaging systems for Raman, AFM and SNOM (standard or correlative)
  • alpha300 access: basic Raman microscope
  • apyron: fully automated Raman imaging system
  • RISE: correlative Raman- and Scanning Electron (SEM) microscope
Website : http://www.witec.de/