Introducing the VACUU-PURE by Vacuubrand


Technical Highlights

  • 100% Oil Free – Clean Processes, Pure Product
    VACUU·PURE takes dry screw pump technology to the next level as a solution for the use in laboratory scale. The special design with two cantilevered spindles and a magnetic gear allows fully oil-free operation. The spindles run contact-free and are thus free of abrasion. This enables clean processes and pure products and protects the laboratory and environment. Save both time and operating costs, since there is no need to dispose of waste oil or to interrupt your work for oil changes.
  • Chemically Resistant – Developed For Aggressive Media
    The wetted materials in the vacuum pump are all made of chemically resistant polymers. A thick-walled PEEK encapsulation protects the spindles and stator inside the pumping chamber, providing high chemical resistance.
  • No Wear Parts – Safe Processes Without Interruption
    A major benefit of VACUU·PURE is that it does not have any wear parts. The spindles rotate contact-free. Components are manufactured with the highest precision, down to the smallest detail.