Mass Spectrometry

Accessories for Mass Spectrometers

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Mass Spectrometer – Accessories At Scitek we offer accessories to complete your quadrupole mass spectrometer. Ion and Filament Optimization Quadrupole mass spectrometers can be optimized for specific tasks by the choice of the ion source and the heat filament material … Continue reading

Analysers and Gas Inlet Systems

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Mass Spectrometers – Analyser and Gas Inlet Systems At Scitek we offer a wide range of analyzers and gas inlet systems for vacuum mass spectrometers, which can be implemented for all applications. Vacuum mass spectrometers, maximum flexibility is very important. The … Continue reading

Residual Gas Analysis

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Mass Spectrometers for Residual Gas Analysis Quadrupole mass spectrometers are the classic measuring instrument for evaluating residual gas composition in a vacuum system. The ion currents supplied by the mass spectrometer for the mass-to-charge ratio of the gas components provide … Continue reading

Gas Analysis

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Mass Spectrometer (Gas Analyzers) At Scitek we provide quadrupole mass spectrometers which are excellent tools for analyzing gases ranging from high vacuum up to atmospheric pressure. By measuring the mass-to-charge ratio of the gas components, a characteristic fingerprint is obtained … Continue reading