Superconducting Magnets

Omicron installation at Waterloo Australia

Superconducting Magnets

Oxford NanoScience 

Our supplier Oxford Nanoscience has been a pioneer in superconducting magnet systems for over fifty years, with an unrivalled track record relating to innovative design, manufacturing and support of standard.

Cryofree® Magnet Systems

A range of superconducting magnet systems that are free of liquid cryogens for cooling. Series that are under this category include the TeslatronPT® and SpectromagPT® which are fully integrated with VTI and also dilution refrigerators under the Triton series.stand-alone-cryogen-free-magnet-with-bath-cryostat

Custom Magnet Systems

Providing many very challenging custom-designed superconducting magnet projects, using their world-leading position in magnet and cryogenic engineering, project management, manufacture and customer support. We at Scitek can provide a custom made Magnet system produced by Oxford Instruments.

Vector Rotate Magnet Systems

Allowing for the precise alignment of magnetic fields without mechanical methods which can be interfere with experimentation (i.e. heat capacity). These magnets may be configured to two- or three- dimensional field vectors. The standard VR magnets have a central solenoid with one or two sets of split pair cols to tilt and rotate the fields, while all-split-pair designs are offered to allow additional sample, optimal or beam access. These products are available in both ‘wet’ and ‘cryofree’.

Systems for Beam & Optical Access

Providing products from standard magnet systems from optical measurement, to complex custom-designed systems for applications in neutron scattering, muon spin resonance, X-ray scattering and synchrotron science (XMCD), we provide a wide variety of solutions to match your environment and your need. In addition to high magnetic field generation, typically up to 15 T in a split pair magnet, sample temperatures can range from a mK to upwards with dilution refrigerators, He-3 and variable temperature inserts.

Liquid Helium Solenoid Magnet Systems

The Integra systems allow the flexibility associated with traditional liquid-helium “wet” systems, with magnets up to 22 T and interchangeable VTI, He-3 and dilution refrigerator inserts in easy configurations. Our range of products allow for vapour/liquid nitrogen shielded cryostats or integraAC re-condensing cryostat which re-liquefies liquid helium boiloff.

Software & Instrumentation 

Mercury iTC – Allowing for configurable expandable and intelligent control for all range of cryogenic systems.  Its intuitive touch screen interface allows for easy monitoring, control and configuration of experimental systems.

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