Scitek Australia Announces Exclusive Partnership with Dynavac

Sydney, Australia | 8 October 2021 – Scitek Australia, who specialise in vacuum facilitating scientific equipment supply, have announced their exclusive partnership with Dynavac for distribution within Australia and New Zealand.

Managing Director of Scitek Australia, Tobias Schappeler, said “We are excited to bring these advanced technological solutions to the growing local space industry utilising our experienced team of scientists and engineers to provide high-end, customised solutions”.

Dynavac is one of the few companies in the world with the capabilities to simulate the harsh conditions of space through thermal vacuum technology. This includes regular conditions in space as well as space weather events such as coronal mass ejections.

As a long-time trusted partner of the aerospace and space industry, Dynavac support all aspects of flight testing and space simulation for applications ranging from component testing, to testing of manned space vehicles.

Dynavac capabilities include:

• Thermal Vacuum Testing
• Heat Flux Cages
• Electric Propulsion Testing
• Vacuum Bakeout Systems
• High Altitude Thermal Testing

With a proven track record of solving complex system design tasks Dynavac users include the Yale Exoplanet Lab EXPRES and NASA’s James Webb Telescope Program where Dynavac provided a 19 meter tall cryogenic wall to house the space telescope for extreme cold testing.

Local users include the Australian National University with their large testing facility at Mount Stromlo.

Harnessing an unrivaled blend of machine design, vacuum technology, and manufacturing expertise, Dynavac develops turn key custom solutions for many other vacuum applications. These applications range from custom engineering a vacuum chamber for energy fusion experiments, to designing and manufacturing a chamber for the LDX experiment (Levitated Dipole Experiment).

Contact: Kelvin Ho | Product Manager | | 0437 676 491