Scitek Competence

What makes Scitek different from most scientific instrumentation distributors is the fact that we were originally founded as the local arm of a manufacturer with sole purpose of ensuring total customer satisfaction. Even today, 25 years after the initial foundation, Scitek continues to uphold fundamental manufacturer’s business principals, especially for customer service and work precision.

  • We focus on what we are good at.
  • We do not dilute our effort through diversification outside our core competence.
  • We approach customer requests with professionalism and the goal to find the most appropriate solution for you, not the easiest for us.
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority number one. We will go the extra mile to ensure you are happy.

Our team of leading vacuum technology experts includes some of Australia’s longest serving industry members mixed with international manufacturing experience. Every single sales or service team member is undergoing regular intensive overseas factory training by our suppliers.

Some of our key competencies include:

  • Scientific high and ultra high vacuum pumping and measuring technology
  • Rough and fine vacuum technology for chemistry, life sciences and physics
  • Vacuum related chemistry and life science instrumentation including rotary evaporators, freeze dryers, rotational vacuum concentrators and vacuum drying ovens
  • Vacuum system design for both R&D and industry applications
  • Mass flow control technology
  • Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry based analysis
  • Vacuum process contaminant fingerprinting
  • Leak Detection in research and production including industrial turnkey solutions
  • Thin film technologies such as evaporation, sputtering, chemical vapour deposition and atomic layer deposition
  • Surface analysis including STM, SPM, AFM, XPS, AES and SIMS
  • Cryogenics including cryostats, dilution refrigeration and superconducting magnets
  • High-precision positioning systems
  • Industrial pumping solutions from food packaging to electron beam welding technology
  • Refrigeration technology including solutions for RAC production and refrigeration maintenance

We are committed to making your experience with Scitek as smooth as it can be. Expect honest advice and professional transactions, from your initial inquiry all the way to after sales support.