Laboratory Applications

Vacuum Concentration

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Scientific use of a centrifuge

Application OverviewVacuum concentrators use a combination of heat, vacuum and centrifugal force for the evaporation of volatile samples. The method is used for evaporation, drying, purification and especially fast concentration. It takes advantage of the fact at pressures of a … Continue reading

Rotary Evaporation

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Rotary evaporators are commonly used in chemistry related environments for the efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples by evaporation under vacuum. The evaporator consists of a heating bath with a rotating flask, in which the liquid is distributed as … Continue reading


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Huber Catalogue Front Page

Peter Huber manufacture cutting edge fluid based thermoregulation equipment.  Their product range can be broadly broken down into three groups: Temperature Control Systems – Unistat, Tango & Petite Fleur More than 20 years, the dynamic thermoregulation of the Unistat range … Continue reading

Freeze Drying & Vacuum Concentration

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Vacuum concentration and freeze drying are related methods used for the gentle drying or preservation of thermally sensitive materials. This often involves the removal of aqueous media. As can be seen from the state diagram of water, which can also … Continue reading

Mass Flow Control

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Scitek - Alicat production line overview

Precise mass flow and pressure control are paramount for reproducible process results. Applications for our products include: thin film deposition processes including ALD, CVD, PECVD, MOCVD and etching fuel cell research environmental testing controlled fluid dispensing GC verification controlled air … Continue reading

Vacuum Drying

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Vacuum Drying Ovens dry product gently and without oxidation yet much faster than conventional drying at atmospheric conditions. The vapour pressure of contained solvents is reduced through application of vacuum enabling the drying process at much lower hence gentler temperatures.Our … Continue reading

Solvent Purification

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Solvent purification hood

As a safe alternative to thermal distillation LC Technology solvent purification systems generate ultra pure solvents at very high rates. They remove moisture and oxygen from organic solvents down to residual values measurably in the very low ppm-range. Purification of … Continue reading

Glove Box Technology

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The LC Technology Solutions LC-100 series glovebox system is a complete full size stand alone system. It is capable of achieving and maintaining a less than 1ppm H2O and O2 inert gas environment when connected to our RGP-1 series of … Continue reading