Vacuum Screws

To avoid virtual leaks, vented screws are essential when engineering and assembling vacuum equipment.

A virtual leak is a source of gas that is physically trapped within the chamber with only a small path from the trapped pocket of gas into the chamber. Virtual leaks are typically caused by internal weld cracks or screws. They prevent your vacuum system from reaching expected pump-down times or ultimate pressure. Trapped gases can also contain potential sources of contamination for your ultra high vacuum system.

Vented screws provide a path for trapped air to escape and be pumped away from the bottom and sides of a blind-tapped hole.


In essence, vented screws will provide faster pump-down, better ultimate vacuum and assist in elimination of process contamination. In production and research environments this ultimately results faster processes and improved yield.

Scitek is working with UC Components to offer our customers a wide range of common fasteners and customized options such as packaging, materials and finishes. UC Components are focused on delivering the highest quality UHV ready fasteners and o-rings in full accordance with today’s ultra clean standards.