Leak Detection

Scitek is your local expert in Helium Leak Detection, Hydrogen Leak Detection, SF6 Leak Detection and Refrigeration Gas Leak Detection.

Scitek can offer solutions for every leak detection job. We offer mobile solutions for sniffing and hard vacuum testing, well proven high throughput personal test stations all the way to custom made industrial leak test stations.

Scitek staff have successfully assisted local industry on a number of milestone installations. Examples include, testing of scientific high vacuum systems, pharmaceutical packaging, medical implants, automotive petrol and LPG tanks.

Leaks are small holes through which gases or liquids flow from high pressure to low pressure.

This can involve simple, harmless leaks such as a dripping water tap or hazardous toxic substances escaping and through leaks threatening to contaminate the environment.

Any number of technical products will not function or will not function for an adequate period of time if they have leaks.

Examples include:

  • vacuum systems
  • transformers
  • the refrigerant circulation system in refrigerators
  • air conditioning systems in cars
  • automotive fuel and LPG tanks
  • distillation systems in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry
  • hermetically sealed products such as electronic components, implants etc

In many cases the leak-tightness of machines and systems in the production process is an indispensable prerequisite for the quality of the manufactured products.

No system or product can ever be absolutely leak-tight. The term “tight” therefore refers to the requirements of the respective machine, plant or vessel, and must be quantified accordingly.

A well proven method to quantify and locate leaks is through the use of a tracer gas. The tracer gas, mostly Helium or Hydrogen, is charged into the test object or sprayed on the outside. The leak detectors monitor the change in concentration to give a leak signal.

Both, Helium and Hydrogen have a very low natural concentration in air and travel fast thanks to being the the lightest and the second lightest molecule.

ASM 340

Sometimes however the use of a tracer gas is not practical. For such cases we offer unique leak detection technology which includes a full mass spectrometer. Preset detectable leaks include refrigeration gases such as R134a or R410 but also SF6 gas commonly used in the electrical industry.

The combined leak detection expertise of our partners Pfeiffer, Adixen and Inficon brings you the world’s best leak detection technology backed by an unmatched global installation base.

Adixen leak detectors are known for their unmatched robustness which allows for mobile leak detection and forgives user errors.


Here is an example of how easy it can be to perform fast and precise leak detection: