Atomic Force Microscopy

Park NX-Hivac

High vacuum atomic force microscope for failure analysis and atmosphere-sensitive materials research

Park NX-Hivac allows failure analysis engineers to improve the sensitivity and repeatability​ of their ​AFM ​measurements through high vacuum ​environment. Because high vacuum ​measurement offers greater accuracy, better repeatability, and less tip and sample damage than ambient or dry N2 conditions, users can measure a wide​r​ range of signal response​ in various failure analysis applications​​, such as dopant concentration of Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM).

Park NX-Hivac enables materials scientific research that requires high accuracy and high resolution measurements in a vacuum environment free from oxygen and other agents.

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Park NX10

The quickest path to innovative research.

Park NX10 produces data you can trust, replicate, and publish at the highest nano resolution. From sample setting to full scan imaging, measurement, and analysis, Park NX10 saves you time every step of the way. With more time and better data, you can focus on doing more innovative research.

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alpha300 A - Nanoscale Surface Characterization

The WiTec Atomic Force Microscope alpha 300 A is a reliable, high-quality nano-imaging system integrated with a research-grade optical microscope and provides superior optical access, easy cantilever alignment and high-resolution sample survey.

WITec Atomic Force Microscopes are developed and designed to allow combination with other imaging techniques such as confocal Raman imaging. All imaging techniques can be integrated within the same microscope system. By simply rotating the microscope turret the user can then switch between the different methods. Possible combinations with AFM include luminescence, fluorescence, polarization analysis, bright field, dark field, SNOM, and Raman imaging.

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alpha300 RA - Combination of Chemical & Nanoscale Structural Imaging in one System

The well-established Raman-AFM combination alpha300 RA was the first integrated Raman AFM system on the market and continues to set the standard for combined instrument configurations for correlative Raman-AFM microscopy.

The alpha300 RA incorporates the features of the Raman microscopy system alpha300 R for powerful chemical imaging along with Atomic Force Microscopy (alpha300 A) for high-resolution nanoscale surface characterization. Thus correlative Raman AFM imaging  facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the samples.

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Park EX7

The economical choice for innovative research.

Park XE7 has all the state-of-the-art technology you've come to expect from Park Systems, at a price your lab can afford. Designed with the same attention to detail as our more advanced models, the XE7 allows you to do your research on time and within budget.

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Park NX20 300 mm

The leading automated nanometrology tool for 300 mm wafer measurement and analysis.

The Park NX20 300mm is the industry's first large sample AFM that supports a full motorized traveling range of 300 mm x 300 mm. Designed for failure analysis and quality control laboratories, the new upgraded Park NX20 system can inspect an entire 300 mm wafer efficiently, without any need for cumbersome sample displacement. Despite the enlarged platform to support the 300 mm motorized XY stage, Park's innovative vibration isolation technology keeps the system noise level below 0.5 angstrom (Å) RMS or typically 0.3 Å RMS In the field.

Proven AFM performance and SingleClick-AFM automation eliminates any need for sample adjustment and makes of Park NX20 the scanning process as efficient and user-friendly as possible. With our "Program Mode" interface users can easily implement reliable and repeatable sequential multiple-site measurements over the entire 300mm x 300mm area. This makes the NX20 300 mm the premiere choice for FA, QA, and QC engineers that need to scan large samples.

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Park NX20

The leading nano metrology tool for failure analysis and large sample research

As an FA engineer, you’re expected to deliver results. There’s no room for error in the data provided by your instruments. Park NX20, with its reputation as the world’s most accurate large sample AFM, is rated so highly in the semiconductor and hard disk industry for its data accuracy.

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Park XE15

Increase your productivity with our powerfully versatile atomic force microscope

The Park XE15 includes many unique capabilities that make it ideal for shared labs that handle a diverse range of samples, researchers doing multi variant experiments, and failure analysis engineers working on wafers. Its reasonable price and robust feature set also make it one of the best value large-sample AFMs in the industry.

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Park HDM Series - Media & Substrate Manufacturing

Simply the best AFM for automatic defect review and surface roughness measurement

The task of identifying nanoscale defects is a very time consuming process for engineers working with media and flat substrates. Park NX-HDM is an atomic force microscopy system that speeds up the defect review process by an order of magnitude through automated defect identification, scanning and analysis. Park NX-HDM links directly with a wide range of optical inspection tools, thus significantly increasing the automatic defect review throughput. In addition, Park NX-HDM provides accurate sub-angstrom surface roughness measurements, scan after scan. Park NX-HDM, together with its industry's lowest noise floor, and its unique True Non-Contact™ technology, it is the most accurate AFM for surface roughness measurement in the market.

Park NX/XE - HDM Series - Overview

Park NX-HDM Series - Overview

Park XE-HDM Series - Overview

Park NX12 - Atomic Force Microscope

The Most Versatile AFM for analytical and electrochemistry

  • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) for nanometer resolution imaging with electrical, magnetic, thermal, and mechanical property measurement capabilities
  • Pipette-based scanning system for high resolution Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM), Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM), and Scanning Electrochemical Cell Microscopy (SECCM)
  • Inverted Optical Microscopy (IOM) for transparent material research and fluorescence microscopy integration

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Park NX-Bio - Atomic Force Microscope

The Most Powerful Nanoscale Microscopy for Life Science

As a life scientist, you want to see how biological materials look like at nanoscale resolution and how soft they are in liquid and buffer conditions. Park NX-Bio enables that with its innovative in-liquid imaging Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) and its highly acclaimed Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) technology.

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