About Cascade TEK

Based in Oregon in the USA. Cascade TEK is a proud member of the Sheldon Manufacturing family of brands. Cascade TEK was founded in 1992 by Doug Barrett to serve the industrial oven market.

Cascade TEK was founded with a primary product focus on vacuum and forced air ovens. Our products serve the industrial, aerospace, medical device, electronics an semiconductor markets along with many others. These ovens are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO9001:2015 to better comply with the robust compliance needs of these industrial customers.

What They Do

Cascade TEK focuses on designing and building customized products for the vacuum and forced air oven markets. A flexible common platform is the basis for modularity. A base model can be configured and customized to solve a variety of application problems. CTEK engineers apply their extensive experience in process development to work with customers and solve complex drying applications.

Designed for Quality and Reliability

Our ovens are designed with premium components with the highest reputation for quality and reliability. Precision controls were chosen to maximize the flexibility fo the process automation and allow for rapid process development of even the most demanding applications. Standard products carry full third party verified safety compliance certificates and meet EN61010, UL61010, and Can/CSA61010 standards.

Website : https://www.cascadetek.com/vacuum-ovens/