Baths & Circulators

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Bath and circulation thermostats

The circulators are split into two product lines, the CC-models and the simpler MPC models. Both product lines represent classically constructed laboratory circulators with open baths. Baths and circulators for heating applications up to +300 °C are available, as well as models for heating and cooling applications from -90 °C to +200 °C. Immersion or bridge circulators are suitable for thermal control of existing baths. The Ministat, the smallest cooling and heating circulator in the world, is the first choice for operation in fume-hoods or integrating into systems.

Immersion thermostats

Immersion thermostats are the basis for many device combinations with polycarbonate or stainless steel bath vessels. There is a universally usable screw clamp in the scope of delivery for the thermostats to be very easily mounted on any desired vessels. Negative temperatures of down to -30°C can be realised in combination with a a refrigerated bath. All models are fitted with a powerful pressure/suction pump and meet the requirements of Safety Class III (FL) for use with flammable fluids. A pump adapter for external temperature control and cooling coils for a cooling water connection can be obtained as accessories.

Bridge thermostats

The bridge thermostats are suitable for use with a range of baths. The variable speed pressure/suction pump with VPC Technology is ideal for external thermoregulation applications. Models with bigger heating capacities are suitable for larger baths. The telescopic arms can be extended up to 884 mm.

Bath thermostats

Economically priced heating circulation thermostats of the model ranges MPC and CC with baths made out of polycarbonate (up to +100°C) or stainless steel (up to +200°C). The filling volumes of the baths range from 6 to 25 litres dependent on the model. The thermostats achieve a high temperature stability and are fitted with overtemperature and low level protection in line with Safety Class 3/FL according to DIN 12876. A powerful circulation pump ensures optimal stirring and temperature homogenity in the bath and also allows temperature control of externally attached applications using a pump adapter (accessory).

Bath & circulation thermostats

Bath & circulation thermostats are suitable for temperature control of externally connected applications. There is furthermore the option to insert objects like samples, sensors, etc. directly into the open thermostat bath. The devices are fitted with long-life bath vessels made out of high quality stainless steel and have pump connections on the rear as standard. All models are fitted with an overtemperature and low level protection system according to safety class III/FL (DIN 12876) for use with flammable fluids. A powerful pressure-suction pump ensures optimal heat transfer to external attached applications.

Cooling circulators

Huber cooling circulators in the classic construction with a temperature control bath performs typical heating and cooling tasks in the laboratory securely and reproducibly. Model for temperatures of -90 to 200°C and with different cooling and heating capacities are available as air or water-cooled variants. Natural refrigerants can also be used on request for particularly environmentally friendly operation. The range of cooling circulators is supplemented by the smallest cooling circulators in the world – the Ministats. The devices allow operation in the tightest of spaces with its small dimensions, for example in a laboratory fumes or inside technical plants.

Visco baths

Visco baths are suitable for measurement tasks using capillary viscometers or for use of densitometers. The devices are fitted with transparent polycarbonate baths and have a cooling coil for countercooling as standard. Various functions can be activated via E-grade.