Industrial Evaporators

Industrial Rotary Evaporators

Scitek offers powerful rotary evaporators from our market leading brands Heidolph Instruments and Genser Scientific. Both companies are known to produce outstanding quality with highly innovative design.

Genser POWERVAP® and PILOTVAP® evaporators are available up to 100l flask volume.  They range includes custom solutions, highly automated evaporators with full PC automation as well as explosion protected systems according to European ATEX standard (Directive 94/9/EG, ATEX 95).

Genser rotary evaporators use a unique pendulum systems which reduces mechanical wear on the vapour seals and which allows for filling level measurements via a built in inclinometer. Special glassware with a patented StaconSeal sealing system reduces leak rates to a point where product contamination from the evaporator environment is considered impossible. The low leak rates also allow evaporation of products with an extremely high boiling point.

The Heidolph large scale evaporators of the Hei-VAP Industrial series are perfectly designed for a great deal of different distilling processes, from standard evaporation without vacuum control up to complex distillation processes with vacuum control.

Key Features of our Heidolph Industrial series of evaporators include

  • Ultimate safety is provided with the Hei-VAP Industrial S modelHei-VAP Industrial which comes standard with: a guard hood consisting of a metal frame and ESG rated safety glass completely covering the bath. This prevents any operator contact with steam, splashing bath fluid and splinters of glass in case of implosion.
  • Easy-Clamp flask attachment allows for safe flask change
  • Water level regulation system to prevent water spilling over bath and potentially flooding your lab
  • Unique integrated evaporating flask support system allows for “one-person operation” to remove the flask in just moments
  • Receiver cassettes guard against glassware breakage while providing a self-standing flask support and quick removal of receiving vessels
  • Continuous unattended evaporation without limits – the automatic module Distimatic allows continuous evaporation with automatic release of product

Watch this video for a short introduction of our Laborota rotary evaporators:



Please download the brochure for detailed information: Industrial Evaporators

To support their range of evaporators Heidolph offer a free smartphone app loaded with useful information. You can download the “Hei-Lab-App” in your Apple and Android app store.