Surface Analysis Systems

Omicron installation at Waterloo Australia

Surface Analysis Systems

Why is surface analysis important ? 

The composition of the outer most atomic layers of a material play a critical role in properties such as: adhesion, chemical activity, wetability, electrostatic behaviour, corrosion resistance and bio-compatibility. The ability to characterize thin film structures, via sputter profiling, provides a unique way to examine materials used in thin layers for both research and application based purposes.

Surface analysis is quite important in the analysis of sub-micron features, defects and contaminants given it can increase production yield in industries where applications may include: semiconductor fabrication, hard disk read/write head fabrication, mirror and composite materials.

The product ranges we offer:


An affordable surface analysis instrument that is both quantitative and surface sensitive, being extremely compact this instrument allows for makes acquiring AES data simple. It is a non-scanning cylindrical mirror analyser which is designed towards AES applications, this includes the analysis of thin film composition, passive oxide thickness’s in semiconductors and metals, metal component thermal oxides and integrated circuit contamination.

PHI Range – 

At Scitek we provide a range of products supplied by Physical Electronics a sub-division of ULVAC PHI. We provide a variety of their scanning technologies ranging from the PHI 710 Scanning Auger Nanoprobe to the PHI VersaProbe II Scanning XPS Microprobe.

PHI 710 Scanning Auger Nanoprobe

Used for high performance spectral analysis, imaging and sputter depth profiling of complex materials including nanomaterials, electronic devices and catalysts. The 710’s field emission electron source provides extremely high resolution imaging, the addition of the coaxial geometry relating to the electron column and cylindrical mirror analyser enables sensitivity over a broad range of angles therefore ensuring rapid and complete analysis.

Auger Nanoprobe

ScientaOmicron – 

One of our providers ScientaOmicron provides Scitek with high quality scanning probe microscopy associated devices. Categories supplied range from Low temperature SPM’s to entire labs dedicated to UHV SEM imaging with high performance STM and AFM.


Termed the ‘ultimate tool’ by Omicron NanoScience, it enables the combination of various surface analysis techniques simultaneously and on the very same spot. A highly stable sample stage carries an atomic resolution STM/AFM, while simultaneous SEM enables rapid localisation and precise tip navigation on nanostructures. The use of a goniometer mounted stage allows for tilting SPM and sample together in order to optimise the signal for techniques such as SAM, SEMPA, or EBSD.


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