Pressure Controllers & Vacuum Transducers

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Pressure Controllers & Vacuum Transducers

At Scitek we provide a wide variety of both pressure controllers and vacuum transducers for our customers needs. These products accurately and rapidly measure the absolute or gauge pressure of process gases and liquids. Our PC-Series pressure controllers provide precise control of pressure via customizable high-speed proportional control valves. It can also function for backpressure control incorporating a remote pressure sense port for control of flow into a process that is distant from the controller.

All products are available with corrosion-resistant wetted materials and stainless steel flow bodies.

PC Series

Alicat PC series pressure controllers utilize the same valves used in Alicat’s mass flow controller line resulting in fast and accurate pressure control. With a fully functional digital display and a host of other standard features Alicat’s PC series line of pressure controllers are a feature rich solution for applications requiring precise pressure control.

Pressure Controllers

  • Single Valve Pressure Controllers – Data Sheet
  • Single Valve Pressure Controllers with Remote Sense Port – Data Sheet
  • Duel Valve Pressure Controllers – Data Sheet
  • Duel Valve Pressure Controllers with Remote Sense Port – Data Sheet

P Series

Alicat P series precision pressure gauges are the ideal solution for applications in which standard dial type gauges cannot deliver precise accuracy or offer some kind of signal output. By using the same technology that makes the Alicat PC series pressure controller so accurate, the PC series pressure controller offers the ideal solution for applications that require unparalleled accuracy and a method of outputting pressure either analog or digitally.

Vacuum Transducers

  • Digital Pressure / Vacuum Transducers and Gauges – Data Sheet

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