Rotary Piston Pumps


Magnetically coupled rotary piston pump. 

Ideally suited for clean processes and those loaded with particles and dust, the UniDry 50 rotary piston pump handles applications with condensation or sublimation at the exhaust side. Furthermore, it is characterized by a low leakage rate and an easy installation.


  • Different inert gas units, depending on process requirements
  • Low operating costs thanks to air cooling and inert gas consumption
  • Good compatibility with water vapor
  • Dry compressing pump system

  • Backing pump for OktaLine roots pumps 250/500
  • Backing pump for HiPace turbo pump
  • Leak detection
  • Load-lock chambers
  • Space simulation
  • Accelerators
  • Analytics
  • Purity gases
  • Drying processes
  • Coating
  • Semiconductor
  • Metallurgy

Medical Use:

Used for precise dispensing, aspirating, rinsing and mixing systems for syringe pump replacement in diagnostics, clinical chemistry, dialysis and medical equipment manufacturing. It is also however used in the dispensing of adhesives and the lubrication of assemblies of disposable medical components.

Industrial Use:

Rotary piston pumps are used in accurate metering and mixing of paint and pigment additives including catalysts for foundry resins, plating bath regeneration, petroleum additives, photo-chemicals and inks, monomers and adhesives.

Electronics Manufacturing:

Ideally rotary piston pumps are used in the dispensing of ceramic slurries in the manufacturing of capacitors and diodes. However it is also used in the dispensing of insulating and encapsulating materials used in electric motor manufacturing. Additionally it can also be used in the deposition of mercury for switch manufacturing and metering of semiconductor wash and etch solutions.