Diaphragm Pumps


Diaphragm Pumps – The Ideal Backing Pumps for Pfeiffer Vacuum Turbo Pumps

Through its compactness, the diaphragm pump from Pfeiffer Vacuum is ideal for integration in increasingly small analytical systems and turbo pumping stations. Beginning with a pumping speed of 0.25 m3 per hour, you can choose from a wide array of pumps. The benefits of the diaphragm pump from Pfeiffer Vacuum are numerous, the efficiency and reliability are quite unique.

The diaphragm pump for a dry, clean vacuum

Through the innovative design and technological advancements Pfeiffers Vacuum pumps allow for optimal performance values. Having a long lifespan is only one of the added benefits, the absence of oil use allows for use in areas requiring the utter most cleanliness. The ability to perform uncontaminated pumping of gases within analytics and chemical industry laboratories is only one of their many applications. Also used in leak detection in research and development these pumps can be utilized in sensitive location given their ability to produce minimal to no vibration or noise. This vacuum pump is the optimal addition as a backing pump for any Pfeiffer vacuum turbo pumps.

The vacuum pump can be used worldwide

The long lifespan of the diaphragm makes this vacuum pump particularly interesting. Other benefits include mature technology, oil-free and absolutely dry vacuum creation along with the high operating safety of the pump. In addition to this is the uncomplicated maintenance of the diaphragm pump. Both the diaphragm and the valves can be replaced easily – complex work is not necessary. The worldwide usage of the pumps is guaranteed through dual-voltage motors or the DC drive.

Comprehensive accessories

Scitek additionally offers comprehensive accessories for diaphragm pumps provided by Pfeiffer Vacuum. Because special orders require the use of additional parts or components. Special power cords also belong to the selection along with hose connections, flushing gas nozzles or relay boxes. Successful vacuum creation is a demanding task. With Pfeiffer Vacuum, you have the perfect partner at your side.


  • Absolutely dry, oil-free vacuum
  • Long lifespan of the diaphragm
  • Low vibration and sound
  • High operating safety
  • Maintenance-friendly through easy diaphragm and valve exchange
  • Worldwide usage through dual voltage motors or DC drives

  • Ideal as a backing pump for many Pfeiffer Vacuum turbo pumps
  • Systems and pumping stations
  • Laboratories
  • Research & development
  • Analytics
  • Chemical industry
  • Leak detection
  • Practically in all areas in which a dry, oil-free vacuum and uncontaminated pumping of gases is needed