Scitek - providing equipment manufactured by adixen

Vacuum Technology
• Best-in-class Leak Detection
• Dry Backing Pumps
• Magnetic Bearing Turbomolecular Pumps
• Thin Film Process Pumps

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Scitek - Alicat manufacturer

Mass Flow Control
• Control Chemical Reactions
• Fuel Cell Testing
• Pressure Control
• Bioreactor Supervision

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Glassware Manufacturing
• Chemical Reactors
• Short Path Distillations
• Thin Film Evaporators
• Concentration
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Integrated cameras for x-ray, electron and ion detection
• X-Ray
• Electron Microscopy
• Mass Spectroscopy Continue reading

Vacuum Ovens
• Forced Air Lab Ovens
• Vacuum Ovens
• Custom Ovens Continue reading

Freeze Drying
• Laboratory
• Production
• Pilot
• RVC Continue reading

Comvat Logo

High Performance Bellows
• High performance vacuum bellows
• Tested for 1,000,000 compressions
• Inside – out versions
• Custom versions welcome

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Wafer Processing
• Spin Coaters and Bake Plates
• Wafer Bonding
• Wafer Debonding
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Denton Vacuum Logo - Enabling Innovation

Microscopy Preparation
• Thermal
• Sputter
• Carbon
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EnWaves mission is to partner with food and pharmaceutical processing companies to help them find solutions to their processing challenges. Aiming to help them discover new and innovative applications and uncover opportunities using Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) technology. REV technology … Continue reading


Thin Film Deposition
• Etching

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Slot-Die Coating
• Sheet-based
• Roll-based
• Research series
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Gamma Vacuum Logo

Ion Pumps
• High Energy Physics
• Accelerators
• High Accuracy Instruments

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GSI-Tom-schwarz copy

Rotary Evaporation
• Large Volume Batch Systems
• Explosion Protected Rotary Evaporators
• Customised Solutions

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Heidolph 2015 Logo

Solutions for Chemistry
• Rotary Evaporation
• Magnetic Stirring
• Overhead Stirring
• Peristaltic Pumps

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HSR Logo Small

Oil Diffusion and Cryo Pump Technology
• Patented low vibration cryopumps
• Thin film deposition cryo pumps
• General purpose oil diffusion pumps

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Temperature Control
• Immersion Heaters
• Water Baths
• Recirculating Chillers
• Dynamic Temperature Control for Reactions

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Vacuum Web Coating
• R2R Series
• Vacuum Coating Systems
• Fabrication
• Integration Continue reading

X-ray Microanalysis.
• Micro-XFR
• Mobile-XFR
• XFR for SEM Continue reading

Production Materials
• Physical Vapour Deposition
• Atomic Layer Deposition
• PVD Consumables
• General Vacuum Mart Continue reading


Gloveboxes and Solvent Purification
• Inert Gas Gloveboxes
• Solvent Purification
• Personal Solvent Purification

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Industrial Furnaces
• Thermal Process Technology
• Laboratory
• Advanced Materials Continue reading

Park Systems AFM Logo - Nanoscale Microscopy & Meterology

Nanoscale Microscopy & Metrology
• Biological Science
• Material Science
• Failure Analysis
• Semiconductor Analysis
• Hard Disc Media Analysis Continue reading

Pfeiffer Vacuum Logo

World Leading Vacuum Technology
• Turbomolecular Pumps
• Mass Spectrometry
• Pressure Measurement
• Production Vacuuum

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Physical Electronics Logo

Surface Analysis
• AUGER Electron Spectroscopy
• X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

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PLasma technology

Our production plasma systems are versatile and can be programed to carry out multiple tasks, from cleaning to bond and paint adhesion improvement and much more. See our process page for more information. Most of the mechanical design variations below … Continue reading

Holders & Sample Supports
• In Situ TEM Holders
• In Situ Sample Supports
• Clarity Software Continue reading

Innovative Chemistry Equipment & Tools
• Benchtop and Hotplate Tools
• Parallel Reaction Stations
• Jacketed Lab Reactors

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Raith Logo

• Electron Beam Lithography
• (Focused) Ion Beam Lithography
• SEM, FIB-SEM upgrades
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RBD Instruments Logo

Surface Analysis
• Ion Sources
• Current Measurement

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Surface Science
• Electron Spectroscopy
• Scanning probe microscopy
• Thin film deposition
• Tailored systems and instrument solutions Continue reading

Sentech Logo

• Plasma Etching
• Atomic Layer Deposition
• Thin Film Measurement Continue reading

Thermal Analysis
• Calorimetry
• Thermal Analysis Continue reading

Cryo Technology
• Cryo Vacuum Pumps
• Cold Heads
• Closed Cycle Helium Compressors
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TSST Logo - Thin Film Deposition - Nanotechnology

Thin Film Deposition
• Thin Film Deposition Solutions
• Design of Thin Film Deposition equipment
• Manufacturing of Thin Film Deposition equipment

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UHV Fasteners and Seals
• Vented/ non- vented Screws
• O-Rings
• Special Materials and Finishes

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Short Path Distillation
• Short Path Distillations
• Thin Film Evaporators
• Turnkey Systems Continue reading

Umicore Logo

Thin Film Materials
• Thermal Evaporation
• Sputtering
• Organics

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Vacuum Technologies
• Vacuum Pumps
• Local Area Vacuum Networks
• State-of-the-art Vacuum Gauges & Controllers
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The retail trade company Van der Heijden (laboratory equipment) was founded in 1974 and changed to a production plant for chillers in approximately 1985. For many years they have been one of the market leaders for customised solutions. Having specialise … Continue reading

VAT Logo

Vacuum Valves
• Gate Valves
• Accelerator Valves
• Pressure Control

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