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VAT (Switzerland) is the worldwide leading manufacturer of vacuum valves thanks to a wide range of products, highest quality standards, ongoing innovation and long-term service guarantees.

Since its foundation in 1964, VAT has completely specialized in vacuum valve technology. We are committed to be the best partner to our customers for vacuum valves both today and in the future.

VAT valves are used in many applications including:

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Flat Panel Production
  • Glass and tool coating
  • Metallurgy
  • Surface Analysis
  • High Energy Physics
  • Synchrotrons
  • Laser Technology
  • Space Simulation

Such a variety of applications require a wide choice of vacuum valves. VAT offers by far the largest choice of vacuum valves worldwide: more than 1000 standard valves. In addition VAT develop custom valves to meet individual client needs.

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