Solvent Purification

As a safe alternative to thermal distillation LC Technology solvent purification systems generate ultra pure solvents at very high rates. They remove moisture and oxygen from organic solvents down to residual values measurably in the very low ppm-range. Purification of up to 800 liters of each solvent is possible with one loading of the purifier columns.

Our SP system is available with up to 7 purification channels. The system includes a fully enclosed manifold, a fire safety cabinet, a stainless steel workbench, chemistry vacuum pump and solvent kegs.

SP 105

Product Highlights:

  • up to 7 channels to cater for all your purification needs
  • fully enclosed purification manifold with safety fume extraction port
  • solvent tap fume collection hood
  • fire safety cabinet fume extraction
  • large KF 40 clamp purification columns for quick exchange
  • NFPA & OHSA approved fire cabinet rating which holds all 7 kegs
  • 500 ml glassware and lab jack stands included
  • 19l stainless steel solvent kegs included
  • 800l solvent capacity per purification column

For smaller laboratories or if only individual solvent purification is needed LC Technologies offer their bench top purifier SPBT.

The SPBT-1 Bench Top Solvent Purifier is a compact solvent purifier that easily fits onto a bench top or inside of a fume hood. It comes complete with everything you need to operate. Just add an inert gas source and a vacuum source and you are ready to go.


The SPBT-1 is easily placed anywhere in the lab that you use solvents.  There is no need to carry collections vessels from the solvent purifier to the lab down the hall, as the SPBT-1 can be placed anywhere where solvents are actually used.