Mass Flow Control

Precise mass flow and pressure control are paramount for reproducible process results.

Applications for our products include:

  • thin film deposition processes including ALD, CVD, PECVD, MOCVD and etching
  • fuel cell research
  • environmental testing
  • controlled fluid dispensing
  • GC verification
  • controlled air or gas delivery
  • chemical experiment control

Alicat products feature a unique set of advantages and benefits in addition to being delivered with NIST traceable certification sheets and a unique lifetime product warranty:

  • Standalone with onboard controller, no expensive external controllers needed
  • Operation on standard 12-24V DC power supply instead of specialised ± 15V DC
  • GasSelect™ with 30 field selectable pre-programmed gases
  • Simple, straightforward installation
  • Superfast response times down to 10 ms or less
  • Highly accurate at ± 0.8% of reading + 0.2% of full scale
  • Every instrument combines mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature measurement
  • Analogue and digital communication including RS 232C, Profibus and Devicenet

Examples out of Alicat’s product family:


Mass Flow Meters:

Unlike traditional mass flow meters, Alicat devices utilise laminar flow and differential pressure technology for extremely fast accurate results without warm up time.

Our unique technology allows us to cover flow rates ranging from 5 sccm to 500 slpm in one instrument. This means you will often find one Alicat device is sufficient where normally two standard mass flow meters are required.



Mass Flow Controllers:

Alicat mass flow controllers incorporate an extremely fast and accurate true proportional valve and PID loop control resulting in unsurpassed results even for smallest volumes.

Control response times are ranging from 30 to 100 ms with very little overshoot.

The PID is field adjustable to allow optimisation to your specific needs.



Digital Pressure Controllers:

All Alicat pressure controllers allow operation through the onboard interface or by remote control using one of the many communication options.

When connected with an external vacuum sensor we can precisely control vacuum pressures for applications such as thin film coating or even fluid dispensing in paint manufacturing processes.


Scitek engineers have extensive experience with mass flow control technology. Contact our experts for support in system design, model selection and operation.