Beamline Technology

Scitek offers a wide range of products for use on and around beamlines and accelerator facilities.

Vacuum Generation:

Highlights of our range include Gamma Vacuum  ion and titanium sublimation pumps up to 1,200 l/s and the new generation Pfeiffer Vacuum HiPace wide-range turbomolecular pumps ranging up to 2,400 l/s.

Backing technologies include diaphragm pumps for smaller pumping speeds, traditional oil sealed rotary vane pumps and other dry pumping technologies, like Adixen’s ACP multiple stage roots pump series with up to over 100 m3/h.

Vacuum Measurement:

Pfeiffer’s range of vacuum gauges covers all pressures from atmosphere down to 10-10 mbar.  Technologies include capacitive, Pirani, cold cathode, hot cathode and various combinations.

Beam Diffraction:

Our partner, Huber, is the world’s leading manufacturer of high accuracy goniometers for X-Ray, neutron and laser diffraction systems.

Vacuum Chambers and Components:

Trinos, our Pfeiffer Vacuum Group vacuum hardware and chamber expert, will make chambers and beamline components to your specification.