Flow and Pressure Solutions

Software & Accessories

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Accessories and Software for Flow Meters and Controllers At Scitek we offer a variety of accessories and software options for your product. Software Providing your mass flow and pressure units with standard Alicat’s integrated multi-drop RS-232 connectivity (RS-485 available), we … Continue reading

Pressure Controllers & Vacuum Transducers

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Pressure Controllers & Vacuum Transducers At Scitek we provide a wide variety of both pressure controllers and vacuum transducers for our customers needs. These products accurately and rapidly measure the absolute or gauge pressure of process gases and liquids. Our … Continue reading

Gas Mass/Liquid Flow Meters & Controllers

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Gas Mass Flow Meters & Controllers At Scitek we provide a wide range of differing flow meters and control systems, accommodating for both mass and liquid flow. Each system is easy-to-use and each device has a number of standard features … Continue reading