Cryogenic Pumps and Cryostats

Cryogenic Pumps

HSR Cryogenic Pumps

HSR AG’s cryogenic pumps are, amongst other things, known for their impeccable performance data and reliability in use. Long operating periods between necessary maintenance provide for high capacity and seamless operation which is cost effective.

Apart from their application in high and ultra-high vacuum pumps, HSR’s cryogenic pumps are particularly suited to:

  • Thin-film coating machinery
  • Space simulation chambers
  • Sputter equipment
  • Fusion test system
  • Particle accelerator
  • Thermal coating systems
  • Metallization equipment

VCP cryogenic pumps

This is a new range, HSR patented, pump geometry enables up to 30% increased volume flow rate and higher capacity, which enables a longer running life in comparsion to competitor pumps with the same flange size. A further design enables the reproduced throttling of the volume flow rate of various gases (Ar, O2, N, CH4 etc) whilst maintaining the maximum volume flow rate for water vapor.

VELCO cryogenic pumps

This optimal design enables operation under extreme conditions i.e. high gas attack and temperatures up to 350oC. This patented pump geometry enables extraordinarily long period of operations and short maintenance sequences, also having powerful cooling capacity allowing decreased maintenance needs.

Sputter – cryogenic pumps

This range of items were specifically developed to eliminate the so-called “memory-effect”, which is associated with element super-saturation. This new technology allows for decreased loss of volume flow rate and relative performance without the addition of addition heating elements.

  • high cooling performance guarantees the highest level of thermal stability
  • the optimised design enables operation with an argon gas pressure of over 1200 sccm
  • non-sensitive to air or gas intrusions
  • pump casing in aluminium or stainless steel
  • also available as flange-version (without casing)

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