Surface Analysis Systems

What is surface analysis ?

The determination of the composition of the outer most atomic layers of a material plays a truly crucial role in the properties of the composite itself. Such properties that are affected by such composition are adhesion, chemical activity, wettability, electrostatic behavior, corrosion resistance and bio-compatibility. Enabling the characterization of thin film structures, via sputter profiling provides a unique way to examine materials used in both research and application based purposes.

These features make surface analysis quite important in relation to the analysis of sub-micron features such as defects and contaminants. Information gathered from this can aid in the increase in production yield of certain applications including but not restricting, semiconductor fabrication, hard disc read/write head fabrication, mirror and composite material manufacturing.


Product Range

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Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

SENresearch: Spectroscopic ellipsometer family SENres
The high end SENresearch is designed for spectroscopic ellipsometry in the widest spectral range from 190 nm (deep UV) to 3,500 nm (NIR). Using the Step Scan Analyzer principle, the SENresearch measures thin film thickness, refractive index, extinction coefficient, and related properties of bulk materials, single layers, and multi layer stacks. The SENresearch is adapted to anisotropy, generalized ellipsometry, Mueller Matrix, and scatterometry. Download PDF

SENpro: Cost-effective spectroscopic ellipsometrySenpro
The SENpro ellipsometer is the smart solution to spectroscopic ellipsometry applications. It features a goniometer with angles of incidence in 5 °-steps. Easy operation, rapid measurement, and intuitive data analysis are combined in a cost-effective design for measuring thickness and optical constants of single films and multilayer stacks.

SENDIRA: Infrared spectroscopic ellipsometrySENDIRA_FTIR
Vibrational spectroscopy is featured by the FTIR ellipsometer SENDIRA. Measuring the absorption bands of molecular vibrational modes in the infrared, the orientation of long molecule chains and the composition of thin films are analysed. Infrared spectroscopic ellipsometry is suited for measuring charge carrier concentration of conducting films.

SENDURO: Automated spectroscopic ellipsometrySE400
Automated spectroscopic ellipsometry by SENDURO® comprises recipe based quick data analysis within a few seconds. The ellipsometer is designed for easy operation: Placing the sample, automatic sample alignment, automated measurement and analysis, result. Using spectroscopic ellipsometry in the automatic mode is perfectly suited for routine applications in quality control and R&D.

SpectraRay/3: Spectroscopic ellipsometry software
The spectroscopic ellipsometry software SpectraRay/3 is designed focusing on an intuitive workflow. Therefore, SpectraRay/3 comprises a recipe mode with a two-step action (start measurement, result) and an interactive mode for step-by-step data analysis. The comprehensive package of SpectraRay/3 supports generalized ellipsometry, Mueller Matrix formalism, scatterometry (3D profiler), anisotropy, and simulations.


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SNE - 4500 M - High Resolution Table-top SEM (x100K)



SE Image
SE Detector

Cost-effective Table-top SEM with Max. 10,000x of magnification by Miniaturizing modules. Capable of scanning images with high resolution of 5nm by installation of Variable Aperature with ease of use.

CLICK HERE - SNE - 3200 M - Highly Efficient Table-top SEM (x60K)

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DESK V / TSC - Sample Coater

  • Fully automated system
  • Tilt/rotate option
  • Minimize sample charge on non-conductive samples
  • Reduce e-beam damage
  • Increase secondary electron emissions

Desk V coating systems are available in two versions: Desk V HP and Desk V TSC.
The Desk V TSC, the turbo molecular-pumped sputter coater option, is a high-resolution unit suitable for oxidizing and non-oxidizing metals. This magnetron sputter unit precisely deposits a conductive coating for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) sample preparation.

Desk V TSC Data Sheet

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PHI Range

At Scitek we provide a range of products supplied by Physical Electronics a sub-division of ULVAC PHI. We provide a variety of their scanning technologies ranging from the PHI 710 Scanning Auger Nanoprobe to the PHI VersaProbe II Scanning XPS Microprobe.

PHI 710 Scanning Auger Nanoprobe

Used for high performance spectral analysis, imaging and sputter depth profiling of complex materials including nanomaterials, electronic devices and catalysts. The 710′s field emission electron source provides extremely high resolution imaging, the addition of the coaxial geometry relating to the electron column and cylindrical mirror analyser enables sensitivity over a broad range of angles therefore ensuring rapid and complete analysis.


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X-ray Fluorescence Analysis - Click HERE for Product Page

The Atlas Micro-XRF spectrometer (µXRF) from IXRF Systems introduces a new world of x-ray mapping and automation. The Atlas™ boasts the largest chamber volume and SDD detection area (150mm2) as well as the smallest spot size (5µ) available on the market. Additionally, the Atlas™ is complimented by the most comprehensive software suite including multi-point analysis, unattended automation, in-depth feature/image analysis, unprecedented mapping and reporting features, and much more. Models may be operated under air or vacuum as well as Helium flush for liquids and light element analysis.

Key Differentiation Features:

  • Comprehensive software suite
  • Multipoint/Multi-Area Automation
  • Complete Customization Control of Automation
  • SDD Detector Active Area up to 150mm2
  • Larger Chamber Volume
  • 50kv/50 watt tube
  • Spot Size down to 10microns with anti-halo optics
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