Other Brands

In addition to servicing our own brands, Scitek’s experienced engineering team is able to service most other brands of related instruments.

Companies our engineering team has undergone extensive factory service training from include:



KNF offers chemistry diaphragm pumps for use in chemistry laboratories.

Scitek sales and service engineers have local market leading experience in service of diaphragm pumps.




CTI Cryogenics

CTI-Cryogenics, a division of Brooks Automation, is known for their cryopumps and compressors used in many HV and UHV applications including thin film deposition and high energy physics.


MKS Logo

MKS Instruments

MKS Instruments is a leader in components and subsystems. Probably their best known products are Baratron capacitive vacuum gauges as well as MKS’ range of mass flow controllers. MKS mass flow controllers use both thermal and pressure-based measurement cells. MKS also manufactures are range of mass spectrometers including their Microvision and Cirrus products.



Martin Christ Freeze Dryers

Martin Christ manufactures freeze dryers for laboratory use, process development and production. Martin Christ also manufacture a line of vacuum concentrators which are used in applications ranging from DNA concentration to concentration of analytical samples.


Other brands we service include:




Edwards Vacuum offers a wide range of products including rotary vane pumps, scroll pumps, turbo pumps, diffusion pumps, semiconductor pumps, roots blowers as well as vacuum gauges.





Agilent has recently purchased Varian including their Italy based vacuum pump business. Agilent vacuum pumps include rotary vane pumps, scroll pumps, ion pumps such as their Starcell as well as leak detectors. Agilent’s analytical instrument division is a major Pfeiffer Vacuum user.



Oerlikon LOGO

Oerlikon Leybold

Scitek shares history with Oerlikon through our time as Balzers subsidiary. Till date Scitek maintains close relationships with parts of Oerlikon. Leybold Vacuum offers a wide range of vacuum technology solutions including rotary vane pumps, scroll pumps, screw pumps, turbo pumps, cryo pump, vacuum measurement and leak detection.




Scitek represents Inficon products such as the Hapsite and GC 3000 gas analysis tools. Established with origins from Balzers, Scitek and our partner Pfeiffer Vacuum, continue a close partnership with Inficon. Aside from our own Inficon products we also service their gauges, mass spectrometers and leak detection instruments.




Telstar manufacture freeze drying instruments including their Lyoquest bench top system, their Lyobeta pilot system and their Lyomega production range. Scitek previously has represented Telstar so our engineering team is very experienced with their products.





Labconco manufacture a range of laboratory freeze dryers called FreeZone and CentriVap vacuum concentrators.


Even if your brand is not shown above, please do not hesitate to contact us on service@scitek.com.au if you require service of your vacuum technology or related instruments.