Analysers and Gas Inlet Systems

Mass spectrometry Scitek and Pfeiffer

Mass Spectrometers – Analyser and Gas Inlet Systems

At Scitek we offer a wide range of analyzers and gas inlet systems for vacuum mass spectrometers, which can be implemented for all applications.

Vacuum mass spectrometers, maximum flexibility is very important. The electronics are designed to function not just with one analyser. But for sequential operation of more than one permanently installed analyser, requiring only one electronic unit. One or more analysers can therefore be used as individual components.

The different pressure conditions within the vacuum systems are catered for by a range of individual components, which allow the gases to be analysed within the high-vacuum chamber in the quadrupole mass spectrometer. Allowing the gas inlet systems to be realised for all analysis tasks.

What we can provide

Our product and application specialists with years of experience are happy to advise you in selecting the appropriate individual components. For further enquires please contact us on or on our contact page.