CenterLine total pressure gauges

Pfeiffer Vacuum has expanded its product portfolio for total pressure measurement and added a new family of measurement instruments to the product program. In addition to the existing DigiLine, ActiveLine and ModulLine series, we are now offering new CenterLine gauges, which are compatible with existing active gauges from Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum (in short OLV).

Your advantage: Dimensions, connections and output signals are 100 % compatible. You can easily replace or supplement your existing equipment with products from the Pfeiffer Vacuum CenterLine series.

CenterLine uses state-of-the-art controllers.

They allow communication via USB and Ethernet interfaces, and the brilliant LCD screen makes it easier to read the measured value. The gauges are automatically detected by the controller, which makes for safe and easy installation. In addition to the analog output, some gauges have set points for better process control.

Also worthy of special mention is the FullRange® gauge PTR 91. This gauge reduces the magnetic field of the cold cathode, which is present due to the inherent principle involved, to a minimum. The innovative design of the measuring chambers extends the service life considerably. A removable dual chamber ensures easy and cost-effective maintenance, which can easily be performed by the user

Customer benefits

  • Easy integration into existing installations with OLV measurement technology
  • State of the art control units, e.g., with USB and Ethernet interface
  • Complete series, covering the entire vacuum range
  • Space-saving installation thanks to a compact design
  • Optimum cost-benefit ratio
  • Universally applicable thanks to integrated electronics
  • Additional functions through set points directly on the gauge
  • Easy self-diagnosis
  • Prevention of installation errors thanks to controllers with automatic gauge detection


  • Research facilities
  • Analysis equipment
  • Research and production coating facilities
  • Leak detection systems
  • Semiconductor development and production
  • Photovoltaics
  • Industrial vacuum process systems