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Denton Vacuum was founded in 1964 by Richard A. Denton, a pioneer and innovator in the vacuum technology and optical films industries. Denton Vacuum’s contribution to the advancement of thin film technology is measured in the numerous Denton patents awarded and innovations realized in the industry, from optical and ophthalmic coatings, anode grids, ion beams and sources, optical monitors, cathodes, fixtures, shutters and load lock manipulators—all advances in vacuum system performance.


Additionally, Denton paved the way in advancing electron microscopy with its freeze etch and freeze fracture equipment, while providing some of the largest early magnetron sputtering systems for large area glass coating.

Denton Vacuum has earned its internationally-renowned reputation for providing high-quality, state-of-the-art thin film technology with focus on sample preparation for microscopy and microanalysis.


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