Setaram, founded during the middle of the 20th century a steel company in France that could not find commercially available instrumentation that was powerful enough to deliver thermal analysis data. Data required for its material research efforts.

The simple step more than 50 years ago is as key to their principles as the product line today as it was then – to provide a technical solution, a characterization or even a single data point that other companies simply could not deliver to material scientists.

The current product line offered is full of instruments that can provide unique levels of precision, or examine materials under nearly impossible conditions so that you, the scientist can be inspired. Including the PCTPro that allows for the precise determination of hydrogen storage in materials that will form the next generation of fuel cells, microcalorimetry that has inspired unique nutritional developments or high-temperature TGA for space travel.

Even beyond its product line, Setaram has its people. Having assembled the best engineers and the brightest scientists in an effort to deliver not just the best instrumentation – but the best service, and the best support that can be found.

When the decision is made to invest in a Setaram instrument be confident that everyone within their team stands behind their systems, and that they are fully committed to ensuring you have the best solution for your problem. This means they have a dedicated applications laboratory that can help its customers develop the best methodology and train you to become the most skilled user you can be.

They are dedicated to Inspire the Imagination of Material Scientists, whether that be in food, in ceramics, in energy or even on the international space station.

“Only through innovation and providing market-leading technologies can we truly live up to our objective – to Inspire the Imagination of Material Science”.
Sylvain Calzaroni
General Manager

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